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August 26, 2009

Website Server: Upgrades and Repair

NOTE: My website will be unavailable August 26 & 27 (supposedly for 24 hours), as my server is down for upgrades and repairs. Bookmark my blog for updates like these, when these rare occasions happen to knock my site down. My professional information is as follows:

20 minute readings for 30.00 - MC Visa Discover accepted.

(10.00 discount for first time callers!)

Available Mon-Fri, from 10am-8pm EDT

Suzi, Spiritual Tarot Astrologer (724) 832-9283

When I'm off-schedule, call my 24 hr psychic partners:

US Calls: 1-866-305-4353

International Countries: 1-866-526-2341

For entertainment only. 18+

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