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August 13, 2009

Perseids Meteor Shower August 12-13

Tonight, if you have a chance, grab a lawn chair, a warm blankie, some popcorn for the Perseids Meteor Shower August 12-13. This shower produces about 60 meteors per hour, and its performance is fairly consistent. Yep, should have posted it last night, but we had heavy fog AGAIN, so I stomped my way to bed like a child without dessert. Waa, Waa, Waaaa... Read more details on National Geographic

For whatever reason, meteor showers have always been a special and magical time for me - especially to put the intention out there, and make a wishes. Call me crazy (cuz my hubby certainly does!) but there are plenty of falling stars during this peak, and you only need ONE to make it happen..

Wish upon a star!

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