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March 23, 2007

Matter of Trust

Dear Miss Starcana, Will Peter ever consider me more than just freindship? Mark

Hello Mark,
I drew the King of Wands, the 4 of wands R, and the 10 of Swords R. As I tend to see this, Peter is very stern on what is best for himself. He is magnetic and charming with terrific energy - and it is pretty obvious why you are so attracted to him. He loves people and having plenty of friends is important to him. He needs to feel in control when involved in a relationship and at the slightest threat of dishonesty or lack of loyalty - he can completely lose interest.

I see that he has already labeled you as someone to beware of - so if you want this to develop into more than a friendship, I suggest that you continue to build trust BACK into your friendship - to really help strength and confidence again.

Without the proper maintenance - I do see that there can be a continuance of struggle and effort.

But with several planets in Mars right now - and the moon in Gemini this weekend - use this bold energy to go after what you want. Your confidence is at a high now, so do a few things to spice up and activate this friendship - like inviting him to a sports game, or to be involved in a competition or sport game against each other - like raquetball, chess, etc. It's definately a good weekend to open up and get to know each other.


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