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April 14, 2006

Good Intentions Grow Good Results

I know. I know.
I started a blog some time ago, but never made time for it. But since I am on a "10" cycle path this year - I wouldnt have made time for it anyway. Now it's the right time to start using that energy, and occasionally throwing my thoughts into my journal. I guess what inspired me to write, is that this month features Mars, and he's quite serious about getting things taken care of. But also, because I have this particular woman who emails me a few times a month, with the same email address and same question. So hopefully she reads through the site, and finds my journal, where she can find my thoughts on her particular situation. :-)

Dear Starcana... I've recently started my own business, and I want to know if I will succeed? signed, Lady in Business

Dear Lady in Business.. In my personal opinion, there is ALOT of hard work when it comes to starting your own business. Not only do you have to sell your product or service, but you must also know how to sell your self. I see that you have plenty of energy and self confidence to face any challenge that comes your way. Your feet are planted, and you are prepared to reach your goal. You have struggles with inspiration at times. A particular friend seems to be feeling alittle left out during all your time of hard work, and sometimes she can say some hurtful things to you. Her intention is not to cause you sadness, although it may look that way right now. Make some time for her, and let her know that you havent forgotten about her. With situations like these, life can get in the way.. so when it does, do not let it stop you from your plans. Sometimes doing something completely out of the ordinary is just the right medicine for you, which can help to get those creative juices and energy back in groove. A light-haired female will be offering you advice, along with a new way to organize your life. She has good intentions, and will give you the faith you need to believe in yourself. Success is in the stars, and you will proceed to take control of your business, and your life with pride. You are willing to do what ever you need to do to make it successful - and let nothing come inbetween. Good Luck!

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