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April 19, 2006

The Same Dream - Night After Night

A few years ago, I lost one of things that I looked forward to in the evening - and that was the ability to dream. My dreams were always active and meaningful. Sleep was prophetic for me - and when I lost that - I lost part of my identity. Within recent months, my dreams have made their way back to me. I have been blessed with the return of those unconscious visions that I had missed so much for so long. With that, this particular email had me daydreaming about the return of my nocturnal gift.. and gave me my own sweet trip down memory "dreamland" lane.

Dear Starcana - I have a dream that frequents my sleep, and I hope that you can help. I have this dream where I am a close observer (but invisible) to my boyfriend's life. I will often see him flirting and having sexual relations with other women right infront of me! Now I am worried that he might be cheating on me, and that this might be a sign that he isn't the one for me! Please help! Nightmare in Oregon

Dear Nightmare in Oregon - Your dreams are actually bringing up sensitive issues that have been upsetting you regarding a distant relationship from years back that did not work out. Old feelings of insecurity still haunt your thoughts (and dreams). Because of the same dream that is recurring, you lack confidence and trust that this partnership can stand on solid ground. You feel that you must pay attention and keep a closer eye on him now (as you even watch him in your sleep!). He really isn't aware that you are watching his every move (even though you are right beside him in the dream) because you are unseen, and invisible. This will make you feel that you aren't getting the fair attention that you need, and have you feeling abit ignored - or have you feel as if you are invisible.

In your dream, your boyfriend has a choice between being with you, or the other women - and because you are
there watching him mingle... you will wonder if he desires something more than what you offer. Because of his promiscuous behavor with the other women, your personal fears are exposed in your dreams, which consist of infidelity, secrets, and rejection.

This is not a dream that will validate any future unfaithfulness. It's more of a sign that the two of you lack communication, and that there are important things that you want (and need) to say to him - but you have chosen not to approach him on it. Your fear of opening up to him is what is causing your life (and sleep) to be disturbed. I feel that until you are honest with him and yourself, that you will continue to feel at odds.

On May 9, the moon is in Libra, where honesty and open communications offer balance and peace that you need right now. Invite him for an evening walk in the park, and you will get the positive response to move forward... together.


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