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February 08, 2005

Astrology Lightning Strikes Twice

Lightning DOES strike twice.. especially as Uranus commands transformation while she visit the Sun and the Moon today. The new moon in aquarius is very near tonight, and she will dare you to accept a very bold (but exciting) challenge. Whether this is good or bad choice to consider will depend on what YOU have sown within the the last few weeks. You should expect this new energy to involve complete change in a totally different direction that you have been use to ( especially with the sun in aquarius too). This double dose of rebellious Uranus is all you need right now to feel a strange sense of powerful healing, and fresh viewing the world. Despite the hardships that you have experienced within the past few weeks, you will definately be up for any challenge that comes your way... as you should be reaping new energy, confidence, and direction from the brave courage and strength of Uranus. It's the perfect time to make a wish right now. Just be careful as to what you wish for - as there's an excellent chance that your dream will be delivered!


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