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September 27, 2010

Playing The Waiting Game with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus

My web server and website will be down and offline for approximately 24 hours according to my hosting company, but I have seen it take as long as seventy two hours. ugh. They are making unexpected internal upgrades and big changes to my website server - thanks to expansive Jupiter and evolving Uranus (shock and surprises) retrograding my sixth house of work and service to others. Although these two planets sextile and create positive changes for my natal Venus (what I own) in my fourth house (personal security), they form a quintile that causes pressure to my natal Saturn (foundations and home business) also in the fourth.

Transiting Saturn in my twelfth house (self-defeating behavior and burdens) squares my natal Jupiter in my third house of communications, helping me to transmit information and handle this all better now - rather than squawking like a chicken without a head. Jupiter and Uranus both retrograde, forming a harmonizing sextile with my Chiron return in Aquarius, helping me to heal from emotional past behaviors - with a brand new perspective on life. The way I communicate and express myself will be much more clearer and to the point. Rather than escaping from issues that I don't always understand, I have trust in my self and in my decisions, which encourages me to expand my knowledge (Jupiter) and learn (Saturn) new areas (Uranus) that I want to grow and succeed in.

The server updates are a process that has been long over-due on their end is rebuilding the server, but also on my end with karmic influences from Virgo (the perfectionist and critic) ruling my twelfth house, to evaporate unnecessary worries, fear, and guilt that have limited me personally and professionally. So while today's Taurus Moon transits my Eighth House (transformations) and squares my natal Uranus (vision)... sure there is a HUGE part of me that is waiting to become unraveled (because I would rather freak out with matters I had no control of, than approach them calmly), but I find myself unusually comfortable with my feet on the desk and emotionally stable with Taurus Moon and good business sense. Saturn quintile my natal Sun is determined to test and see what I have learned, but a new level of understanding and self-trust has been molded, and I am finding myself at a very good place.

Anyway... I thought I would share some astrological thoughts and personal insight, while releasing possible irritations (Uranus) that are trying to creep up and rebel against my will and business knowledge. I decided to pull a few cards to feed into my quest today, and in general, I am a bit nervous and afraid to jump into the unknown (The Fool reversed) when I feel unstable and lack control (The Emperor reversed), but I already have all the finesse, courage, and strength that I need (Strength), when I am ready to make myself available and trust it. Like the image I chose, I have all this fire in my chart that has a need to increase and prove my strength, while creatively helping to transform situations and individuals into a better place - I now save this and do it for myself - and what a journey it has been. Me and my light may be limited and less visible, as I play the waiting game... but in lurking shadows and darkness, it is mighty strong and powerful.

Anyway, thank you for reading my little note to myself, as I hope I didn't bore you too much. But for more information about me and my reading services, check the column to the right for details about me and for ways to make contact with me OR to get a reading (until my website becomes available and re-uploaded, which is from now 9/27 and to Wednesday 9/29).

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