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May 09, 2010

Weekly Astrology Insight, May 10 - 16

Monday May 10, A Moon in cardinal Aries allows us to start the week on an energetic note. Normally we can be in a pretty good mood with the enthusiasm of Aries ruler Mars, but as Mercury is stationing, this can create a bit of mental tension. Aries Moon has a reputation for acting to quickly, and with Mercury in slow Taurus, we're a ball of uncertainty, asking ourselves 'do we jump ahead', or 'do we stay put'? Before jumping the gun, be sure that all steps are covered before moving forward. Show leadership on the job today, and display a willingness to be a team-player to avoid stealing the spotlight. You may want to consider meditating on my latest post Tarot Affirmations, Seven of Wands for Confrontation to avoid emotional eruptions.

Tuesday May 11, Mercury stations 6:27pm and prepares to turn direct. Over the next few days, the fog will dramatically disappear from our minds, allowing communications to improve and flow more easily. In the tarot, we are The Magician (Mercury) and we will remember that we have the tools and ability to get achieve our goals. Our confidence returns, as we know that the show must go on. Before jumping onto the stage, remember that timing is everything if we are to have a successful performance. Know exactly what you hope that your magic will project for your audience.

Wednesday May 12, The hurried energy from the past few days becomes still and self-contained as Moon enters Taurus 2:48am. Emotionally, we're calmer and thinking about what we can do for ourselves to produce a gain and advantage in our life. What we have accumulated (our materialistic items and money) must be separated and weeded, in order to make way for the new.

Thursday May 13, A bump in the road is likely to cause inner conflict as Moon squares pushy Mars 11:42am. We feel pressured to try an alternative path to achieve a goal, but change in our routine may not be that easy. Be in-control of your own behavior, and avoid outbursts.

A New Moon in Taurus 9:04pm blesses us with a new emotional beginning. A 'blessing?' one may ask. Sure, and if you look at it this way... we still may have the same old problem in our life... but we are honored by the grace of the Lunar Goddess to respond differently to it this time. With what exists in our life, we now can ask for a shift in direction. Taurus represents Mother Earth energy, so we are to plant 'something' into our current world to produce growth. An idea, a wish, a thought is buried within the energy that exists between our soul and the Universe. We then fertilize and mulch our intention to grow with genuine work and nurturing. With the right amount of personal investment, we should see our thought producing fruit by the light of the Full Moon. The Taurus bull can be resistant to change, but if seduced correctly, deep inner strength and endurance will rise to claim our desires.

To detail your own intention, look to your natal chart and see what house Taurus rules, and where this New Moon will be placing her seeds. In my own chart, Luna will be at twenty-three degrees in my eighth house of inherited resources, sexuality, healing, death, and transformation. I will need to steer this emotional energy to make necessary eliminations to recycle what isn't working anymore, reproducing personal power and growth. Venus rules Taurus, and with my Ascendant in Libra (also ruled by Venus) and my natal Venus lounging in my fourth house - dramatic changes can be applied in my physical image and first impressions (First House) and the way that I nurture my home, home business, family, and self (Fourth House). Since my business is in my home, a significant change in the way that I work in it, can lead to great growth and an extension to what I already have. I must remember to sift and segregate during this period.

In the tarot, Taurus and Venus are both represented in The Empress. She sits graciously in her content life, her surroundings are fruitful and continue to bring goodness in her life. Her belly is heavily swollen and close to birth. What we have created in our life sits amongst us like a loyal best friend - keeping us happy, nurtured, and safe. From whatever we have built in our life, now awaits new life. A part of our life, relationship, career is ready to sprout and take on a new life.

If you would like to get more details within your own chart to create more more awareness of the changing times, you may generate your own chart on, or let me create it by purchasing a chart and personality report from my astrological services, or purchase a telephone reading from me, and I will email you an image of your birth chart, free of charge!

Friday May 14, Moon enters chatterbox Gemini 9:18am, and we're ready to come out of ourselves to explore he outside world. Expect phone calls, texts, emails, and socializing to increase. A bit of a snag is possible as Moon inconjunct suspicious Pluto 6:17pm. We can enjoy our evening by mingling with friends, family, and welcoming new contacts.

The cosmic skies are clear on Saturday May 15, and as Moon sextiles Mars 6:42pm, we bravely take charge to make Saturday plans happen.

There's a lot of cosmic activity in the skies on Sunday May 16, which may be guaranteed to fluctuate moods. As Luna enters her natural home in protective Cancer 1:46pm, sensitivities could become overwhelming. We experience a natural need to care for others, but save some of this drive to perform self-nurturing in the evening, to replenish what we gave away. A hot bubble bath with sea salt, ocean sounds in the background, and a lit candle can quench the soul!

- As major shifts are happening, and yes, even for me.. I was looking for clarification as to what I have been feeling and reading for myself in the tarot and chart for the past few months. After a decade of solely consulting with myself, I found myself needing guidance from an outside source and decided to get my first reading in over a decade. So where does a practicing reader get a reading? Well I turned to Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady, a fellow colleague who I got to know over the past year through Twitter and our creation of AstroCreeps & TarotFreaks Forum and Blog. I was completely ecstatic and satisfied with her professionalism and accuracy, and I highly recommend her if you are in-search of a tarot reading.

- With the crazy tremor experiences that I have been having, I recently came across a beautiful post by Christine Delorey called: 'A Message from Mother Earth', and here is a heartfelt 'clipping' that I thought you might enjoy: "Don’t you feel me quaking? Don’t you see me desperately throwing off the pain I am forced to endure through the pressure valves you call volcanoes? Don’t you hear me screaming or see me writhing as you arrogantly have your way with me, every day and every night? You chop down my forests which, you foolish children, are your own lungs manifest – and you wonder why you’re having such a hard time breathing. You fight with each other like spoiled brats always finding some ridiculous justification for your putrid stinking wars. And you say, so pathetically, “I just want some peace of mind.” Read the Full Article >>

- Mother Earth IS speaking, but Is anyone listening? I've made a number of recent tremor updates to my own intuitive vibrations journal for those with an interest.

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Make it a great week!

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