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May 30, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: May 31 - June 6

The compassion and kindness that we may normally share with others begins to flatline on Monday May 31 as Neptune in Aquarius begins her retrograde journey until November. As Neptune puts her motion into reverse, so does the unconditional love and understanding that is attached to it. The care and sympathy that we share with others is now preserved for our own self-healing. We have five months to detach from what we have been yearning for, and transform that energy into self-love - by remembering and releasing that which has not comforted our hearts. We are not fooled so easily by the illusions that romantic relationships or professional partnerships can deliver. We internalize and protect our heart, to help us reconnect with our own source of imagination, faith, and dreams. Creative Neptunian pursuits that we may find ourselves diving into can include wellness, music, yoga, art, and meditation - to reach nirvana. On the flip side, some may choose to escape reality as a way to find heaven in areas of alcohol, sex, drugs, food, and other areas to avoid a healthy change in order to find joy. We are reaching deep within our souls to find our own aspirations, vision, and truth. It's time to listen to listen to the music that our heart wants to sing. Inspire yourself, to create the world that you are looking for. The Capricorn Moon sets the right mood to stabilize our emotions so that we can take of what matters most - our family, reputation, and work.

Moon enters Aquarius on Tuesday June 1, encouraging us to put our sensitivities on the side and to do the right thing. We're inspirational, full of hope, and handle life intellectually. A Moon/Sun trine adds opportunity and growth between our emotions and self-esteem. Make the day shine.

The Aquarian Moon still has us in a strategic mood on Wednesday June 2, and we try to figure out how to make this a better world. A grim feeling may overwhelm us with a Moon/Mercury square that causes a disruption between our emotions and our head. Work with an idea that is realistic and achievable - rather than setting yourself up with something that is unreachable.

Our day mellows as Moon gently rocks her way into Pisces on Thursday June 3. We're daydreaming with the music that is playing in our head while creativity stirs our soul. Encourage brainstorming in your work and promote romance to invite love. A Moon/Mars opposition in the earlier part of the day could have us a little edgy and reacting too quickly. Later, a Moon/Pluto sextile adds sparkle to ignite passion and intimacy. We're ready to explore our private fantasies and share our deepest darkest secrets.

Advancing or relating with others could be struggle on Friday June 4 with a Mars/Neptune opposition. We may be ready to move on something too quickly without thinking it through first - possibly hindering a favorable outcome. Illusions could cause careless or deceitful behavior. Use extra caution, and don't give away trust so easily now. Clumsiness may be unavoidable if we're not paying attention. It's just as important to watch our footing and where we are stepping. A Moon/Sun square can cause friction between our heart and our strength. Use patience to make smart decisions today.

A Moon/Saturn opposition creates an aura of discontentment and grumpiness on Saturday June 5, and nothing may please or make us happy. Things may not get finished or resolved. Working harder to achieve satisfaction may feel like we're trying to move a mountain. Be aware of the stress of the day, work slowly, and know when to give yourself and/or others a break.

Moon enters Aries on Sunday June 6, and we're much quicker to respond and take control. Energy increases while we see the possibilities ahead. Jupiter also enters Aries for the next three months, expanding our need to venture into the unknown. Curiosity may get the best of us now as Jupiter teams us with Uranus, making our new direction and dreams more intriguing and sparkly. Aries represents the individual self. Add Uranus and we're rebellious against the same old patterns and people. We dare ourselves to find the courage to head in the opposite direction - to do the unthinkable. Add Jupiter, and we expand and explore life in a grand way. Our ability to take risks and face fears can bring great blessings and a new appreciation for life. Like everything else, planets have a bright side, but also a 'not so bright' side. Depending on where they lay in your natal chart, Uranus and Jupiter have the ability to enhance an abundance of ego and entitlement. Assuming that luck is on our side may block our vision and lead us down a different path. Know which cards to play, and what to keep. Knowledge is power, so play it smartly. Later, inner fears scratch at the surface with a Moon/Pluto square, and our reactions communicate a need for solitude. Find quality time to calm, and if that is impossible - pop in a flick where everyone can escape into a movie and not share insecurities.

On a personal note, I was a fan of LOST. I thought it was rather cool that the show was born in 2004, and became a huge success while Uranus was in Pisces 2003 - 2010. Uranus urges us to use our brain to find solutions in puzzles and LOST always brought the intrigue to keep us interested. In Pisces, the focus would be on dreams, the unknown, death, and an end of a cycle. While a new life waited for group, they weren't aware that 'their cycle' had ended - causing them to feel 'lost' and confused. Uranus /The Awakener, always sent signals to help them wake up from their dream - to see life as it is, rather than as imagined.

Compare this thought to your own chart by looking at what house Pisces rules, and where you may have had your own illusions that created guilt, confusion, endings, and the way you perceive life. This is where Uranus forced you to SEE and not be 'lost' anymore. You should have found illusions and masks evaporating. We managed to survive an end of a cycle, allowing direction to become visible to us again. The dream is over. Iit is time to let go and move on. Concentrate on creating the world that you want to live in.

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