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May 23, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: May 24 - May 30

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There's a lot of cosmic activity going on in the heavens, and hopefully you are rolling with the waves, rather than against them. This weekend had some powerful oppositions for us to deal with, and depending on some of the choices that we were faced with, this week Monday May 24, will start off on a cool note as a Libra Moon strives to detach from sensitivities. As we concentrate solely on the facts, we leave no time to take anything personally. Utilize the scale's cardinal energy to tackle projects to keep the mind busy to access inner balance.

We're likely to find more comfort in concentrating on our own lives as Moon enters Scorpio on Tuesday May 25. With our emotions in a vulnerable place, we can feel easily threatened and be a little too observant of others. As suspicions grow, so will our obsession to get to the heart of the matter. We can experience strong waves that disturb our inner calm, so it will be important to quiet pent-up feelings... but with Venus in protective Cancer we may find it is easier to hold on to our insecurites and brood.

Our self-doubts could weigh heavy on us as Sun inconjuncts Pluto on Wednesday May 26, where we may unknowingly choose to 'fix others' in order to avoid our own personal transformations. Ignoring our own truth will create a false of happiness, and lead us in a path of confusion. As Moon squares Mars, we feel ignored and stifled, with an aggressive need to react. With Luna still in the predator mode of Scorpio, it will be much wiser to channel the energy into a healthier place. Meditation is suggested, as well as working positively with the energy of your personal tarot card message.

Emotions are conveniently stuffed into our backpacks as we get back to life and the living on Thursday May 27, when Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius. We choose to not be a slave to our feelings, and aim for fresh air and sunshine. With a Full Moon beaming brightly, her light shines on travel, communications, higher knowledge, and being 'in the moment'. The Sagittarian Full Moon brings great illumination upon the truth, and answers are retrieved now - which promote great movement in our life. This new insight will help us to discover if we still learning, or if we have learned a great lesson that we must teach to others. This Moon can be a bit of a LOUD 'know it all', so beware of boasting. Listening is a more purposeful deed, that the need to be right.

But to recap, we had a New Moon in Taurus back on May 13, blessing us with a new emotional approach to an old problem. It was suggested that we make the intention available, asking the heavens for a shiftindirection. Taurus represents Mother Earth energy, so we were to plant 'something' into our worldtoproduce growth - whether an idea, a wish, a thought. Then our own effort, we should see the truth and movement of our situation produced by the light of today's Full Moon. Have you begun to reap what you have sown?

A major transit happens today as Uranus, also known as the 'Great Awakener' enters Aries for the next eight years. To catch up with where we have been, so that you understand where are are going, Uranus traveled through Pisces from 2003-2010. Think about some of the significant changes that have taken place for you during this time period. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, representing our dreams, escape, and our endings. For the past seven years, Uranus was waking us to the leftover debris that was still in our lives - our burdens, unnecessary emotional attachments, self-defeating behaviors, and so on. No more guilt, remorse, or excuses. Uranus woke us to the dreams and deceptions in our lives. Enlightenment and awareness rebelled against the fog in our minds. Uranus enforced that change was needed within our lives, causing a series of bumps in the road, so that we could see life from a different perspective.

Now that we have completed a long cycle, Uranus slides into courageous Aries, with a promise for a new beginning. Aries represents the first sign or baby of the zodiac, fresh starts, and the self, or number one. We can now treat ourselves to the enhancing opportunities are promised to deliver personal changes, individuality, and self-expression. We see all in a new light, everything is shiny and sparkly that keeps us faced to the future, rather than to the past. We return to our natural being. We come alive, and get a second chance to change for the better. Uranus electrifies, shocks, and takes great risks to chase dreams and be the person we are. We let go of individuals who distract us from our growth, or we let go of stale thoughts. Our social circle expands as we literally 'come into ourselves' and exploit our uniqueness. We appreciate being one of a kind, and insecurities are put to rest as we embrace our inner geek.

My personal thoughts as to what I can see happening during the following years, is that a big change in our individual characters will be developing. Each sign carries positive and negative traits, and in Aries we will see the honorable knights in shining armor rise, doing the 'right' thing because it's the 'right' thing to do. We may see a substantial increase in those who wish to protect honor and justice again, like in old careers like attorneys, officers of the law, military, as well as a development in 'homemade heroes' who take matters into their own hands. Education will expand into importance, professors, teachers, and even the job of parenting - to illuminate, and teach morals and good behavior. Now Aries has its dark side too, and can be very selfish and greedy. We could see villains, terrorists, and criminal activity increasing - which will actually balance out the work for our newest superheroes. I also imagine that bullying will increase until we have the proper shift of brave souls who take a stand to make a change - and Uranus is all about making positive changes. While Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (foundation, family, and reputation), will continue to reveal and remove crooks, thieves, and 'bad guys' - to help renew the world with come much needed integrity, respect, and decency.

Aries rules the head, face, brain, and I believe that Uranus could trigger areas associated with these areas... from changes in the muscle and nerve reaction on our face, be it the skin, vision, brain, hearing, our mouth - so just be sure to get your regular yearly check-up's, as precaution can be sometimes be the best medicine. We could see an increase in energy level and metabolism, but if we're not using it properly, we may expect to experience high measures of irritability, anxiousness, and worry.

In the Tarot, The Fool (Uranus) leaps into the heart of The Emperor (Aries), encouraging us to change the way we rule our lives. We become liberated and take bold risks to change our world, which frees us from incrustation. Sitting on our throne to protect the home-front and reputation just isn't cutting it anymore, and we crave excitement and adventure. We want to show ourselves off, expose our talents, and see what's going on outside these four walls.

Earth-wise, Uranus interconnects with Mars (Aries ruler) surprising us with more fire-related situations, from domestic fires to wild fires, along with an increase in lightning, fierce winds, and volcano activity - which can be interpreted in The Tower card, as fire falls from the heavens, lighting up the sky and earth.

We may ignore our desires and logic temporarily on Friday May 28, as Moon inconjuncts Venus and Mercury. If uncertainty leaves you feeling confused, take a suggestion from the Sagittarius moon... Go take a walk and get some fresh air!

Frustrations may get the best of us on Saturday May 29, if we allow challenges to get in our way. Search for creative solutions. Moon becomes settled as she grounds herself in warm Capricorn, enabling us to react more civil. A quiet evening with close friends or family may help to close the circle and give us a sense of belonging.

I recently posted a new article Tarot Affirmations for Backbone and Integrity on the Astrocreeps and TarotFreaks blog. Whether or not you have an interest in the Tarot, you may have an interest in the concept that I created behind the image of this card. Here is a short blurb:

"...think about a specific issue that you have been struggling over. What are dealing with, and how does it affect you and your life? What would you eventually like to accomplish from this situation, once you get through the chaos of tough decisions? What genuine action have you contributed, in order to create a favorable solution?" Jump over to this article to read more >>

After four months of being retrograde, Saturn stations on Sunday May 30. The Taskmaster took a few steps backwards, from Libra (personal relationships, professional partnerships, enemies) and fell into the root of issues when he re-touched upon Virgo (our service to others, work, health, habits). This gave him a permit to assess the weaknesses and potential breakdowns that were stressed - helping us to recognize that blame wasn't fixing the problem anymore - as we are part of the blame. We now have have a chance to start rebuilding our lives with this brand new knowledge, and eventually repair the way that we relate to others.

Make this a great week!


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