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November 09, 2009

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As a quick update for my readers, I mentioned before that I am involved with a nice little group of ladies - and we began an online forum - to help educate the curious, the beginners, and to have a nice friendly place to hang for the seasoned pro's. We started a blog as well, but at the time, we really were too occupied with building the concept of the forum, so the blog was on the back burner.

Eventually, we got back to the blog once the forum was running smoothly. So we each decided to each take on a particular topic (and day) to write content for the blog - promising our readers fresh mystical content every couple of days.

The following schedule (and links) are for your future enjoyment!

This is our AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks BLOG: If you haven't already, bookmark our new blog so that you don't miss your favorite feature at: AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks

Mystical Mondays: The Tarot Lady guides one lucky reader with an inspiring three card response to a burning question! If you have a question that you would like to be featured here, please email Theresa at: with 'Mystical Mondays' in the subject line. For more information about The Tarot Lady, please visit her website:

Wednesday's Waking Moments: A lucky reader is chosen for this feature to have their dream analyzed and intuitively interpreted by Kat! If you'd like to have your dream featured on this blog, contact Kat at: with 'Dream Interpretation' in the subject! For more information about Kat, please visit her website:

Thursday LuvScopes: Be in the know BEFORE the weekend begins, as AstroGrrl shares her weekend astrological forecasts with all of us! Jan will give you the weekend weather for romance and love, as well as the best days to stay inside! Get a weekly glimpse of the skies, and individual horoscopes for your zodiac sign! For more information about AstroGrrl, visit her site:

Friday Tarot Affirmations: Starcana uses the Tarot as a tool for spiritual healing, with creative visualization and positive affirmations to energize our mojo! Suzi's mission is to shift the surrounding energy through meditation, while improving our confidence, perspective, and productivity, For information about Starcana visit:

Astrological Happenings: This is my main blog for my website, for website updates and news, along with monthly astrological happenings for the month, describing some of the vibrations from heavens, and it's potential effect on us at

Tarotscope Happenings: This is my tarot blog with mystical messages and spiritual guidance from the wisdom of the tarot, providing you with a monthly tarot car reading for your zodiac sign at:

Daily Horoscope Happenings: This is where I write my daily horoscope and the cosmic news regarding planetary vibes that can affect our day. This is an ideal way to plan a better tomorrow!

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