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October 30, 2009

Astrological Happenings, Monthly Horoscope and Astrology for November 2009

Astrological Happenings, Monthly Horoscope and Astrology for November 2009! Happy November to everyone! The month starts out with Daylight Savings Time ending at 2am on November 1, so be sure to to turn your clocks back one hour! It's also the time that you need to check all of your carbon dioxide and smoke alarms in your residence, and replace old batteries with new. If you don't have these devices, be sure to put them on your list. As we are inside more during the colder months, we use a lot more electrical products, and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Intentions from last month's New Moon in balanced and fair Libra, comes into full light and full circle on November 2 as we experience a Full Moon in grounded Taurus. Energy is now secure and developed. Secrets are revealed, answers come from our subconscious and dreams. It's favorable time to put yourself 'out there' to be exposed and get noticed. It's also good timing for putting out your brainstorming ideas as well as promoting your business advertisements.

Reflective Neptune finally stations and turns direct on November 4. Our most inner sensitivities that make up who we are: faith, creativity, compassion, along with our confusions, sadness, and guilt - have been bottled up inside of us for five long months. During this soul-searching process, we have meditated and privately reviewed who we are, to figure out how to fit ourselves back into society without shame or uneasiness. Where we were drained and/or emotionally bruised, we redeveloped ourselves and are ready to approach the world once again. We've evolved and healed our creativity and originality , where blame or regret once existed. Our dreams and our inner life source has been nurtured, and we are able to be much more expressive and genuine to others, as well as to ourselves. We're ready to help and make the world a nicer place to live in!

Our desires become much more intense and private as Venus enters suspicious Scorpio November 7. There is much power-play and manipulative games as we want and crave control and power in our surroundings, and this energy will exist strongly in our relationships with others, our money, and in our work. We will find many being much more cautious and 'hush hush', obsessed with a need for privacy and seclusion from exposing too much of our inner-selves now. Venus in Scorpio strategizes on ways to separate the weak from the strong, and the loyal from the careless. A web is carefully weaved into a manipulative and sexy game, and as we make ourselves less visible in order to target the weakest link. There is much drive to get what we want, and there isn't much that will stop us.

Mercury delivers our communications, and as he exits secretive Scorpio, to enter trustworthy Sagittarius on November 15. Our thoughts and expressions open up in a BIG way, sharing our aspirations, our perspectives, and our advice. Our aim is to share honestly and teach - while putting others ahead of ourselves. If you happen to have any private information that you hope doesn't get leaked right now, it would be wise to put it into a drawer with lock and key - because this is the time that confidential information is revealed or blabbed! We may be thinking about advancing ourselves now, expanding our horizons in some way - whether through exotic travel in an adventurous expedition - or through study in college or books. we will have more of an urge to travel more, so even if it is just short trips, that may be enough to sooth our urge to 'get out' for awhile.

We have a powerful event that is building in the cosmos as Disciplinarian Saturn squares Transformer Pluto on November 15. Squares produce challenges, and urges us to try alternative paths, and with Pluto and Saturn being such slow travelers in the Universe, detours in our lives (and in the world) will gradually enter, slowly exit, so with this big shift, our world as we know it, may begin to rumble and quake over the next year. What happens, is that Pluto recognizes what has been decaying in our lives (or in the world) and he enforces a deep cleanse - removing the toxicity so that there can be growth and evolution. Saturn represents our time and investments, and what we have built in our lives. As Saturn sits in Libra (relationships, partnerships, enemies, ruling body parts: low-back, skin, and kidneys), and Pluto in Capricorn (business, possessions, career, government, education, public image, ruling body parts: knees, dental, and bones) we could see these areas being affected, personally, professionally, or globally. As this movement slowly begins to vibrate, it will force us to re-adjust ourselves and our lives, pushing us out of our comfort zone. If we feel out of control, we may allow the fear to enter, encouraging arguments, break-ups and other unprepared disruptions. Unhealthy attitudes and deteriorating walls that created distance will also begin to crumble. Change is in the air, so whatever we may have grown comfortable with, despite defects or unsatisfactory routines... the apple cart shall be tilted... disallowing us overlook or avoid our reality now. We should ask ourselves, 'what guidelines or standards have we adjusted to, that has only germinated weakness, limitation or unhappiness in our life'? For those who have been oblivious and unaware of the world around them, change could feel like a crisis, rather than a wake-up call. Wherever weak points exist in our foundation/world that we have built, we will need to dedicate special attention and genuine effort to restore the faulty, and make things right. Otherwise, we can wait for a poorly designed structure to collapse on its own.

What sort of energy would you like to stimulate and have come your way in the next 28 day cycle? On November 16 we have a powerful New Moon in influential Scorpio. It's the perfect time to put intentions out there, to draw in natural vibrations. Preplanning goals should revolve around the Scorpion agenda, focusing on intimate relationships, release for regeneration, our money, and cleaning out old debt.

Our inner jester comes alive on November 21 as Sun enters generous Sagittarius. Our spirits become alive and invigorated, releasing our playful inner child to become rejuvenated again! Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and together we will get to see more abundance and kindness during the next four weeks, a stronger connection with our faith or religion, law, publications, travel, and yes... more good cheer! Sagittarius is the king of parties and a good time, so it's no wonder that we have this nice little time of the year when we all can get together with friends and family, spreading lots of love and gifts, with laughter, drinks, and good food. So in a small way, you get to try on a Sagittarian experience! If I sound partial, I am (I'm a Sagittarius LOL)!

We get to remind each other of what we are truly grateful for on November 26, as we give thanks and respect on this Thanksgiving day. Have yourself a good holiday, and a terrific month!

Smiles and Blessings!


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