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May 27, 2009

Todays Horoscope from 'Horoscope Happenings!

Welcome new readers (and my wonderful faithful readers!) to my personal blog! If you aren't aware, you can catch up with my daily cosmic updates! Read a sample of today: 

Todays Horoscope for May 27, 2009... Jupiter conjuncts Neptune 4:12pm, with Mars sextile Neptune 0:39am. There's a psychedelic change in the air. Jupiter delivers optimism and abundance, combined with Neptune's miraculous gift of enchantment and forgiveness. Then add the conjunction with Chiron and his healing energy. This is some long-lasting and positive energy that will be available to us for years to come. Other's may not see the 'rainbow' that we see in front of us.. but what is important, is that WE see it. The healing power that can come from this heavenly movement is forgiveness, cleansing, and renewal (in a VERY big way). This can be a renewal in faith, a restoration of love in relationships, rebuilding faith in family and friendships, as well as experiencing a new faith to see others (or ourselves) in a whole new light. Read more on 'Horoscope Happenings'!

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