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April 30, 2009

Astrological Happenings, May 2009

May starts off quietly, as the Sun and New Moon sit in steady Taurus - with slow, but sure movement. Energy is focused on getting our lives, our relationships, and our finances all in order. Each step that we choose now, shall be well-planned and precise. Venus squares Pluto 05/02, and there is trouble in paradise - as we struggle with old patterns and unresolved issues. Basically, we want - what we simply can not have. Sun trines Saturn 05/05 and we accomplish what we set out to do. Our hard work and determination pays off, and we gain respect. Mercury retrograde 05/07, and for the next few weeks, communications fall off track, forcing us to fumble with our words and thoughts. Computers and faxes go bonkers, so be sure to back up your work. Contracts and agreements should be put on hold during this time to avoid mishaps. Misunderstandings are bound to happen, and our relationships could feel mismatched or plain old confusing. Full Moon in Scorpio 05/09, and our emotions become raw and vulnerable. We are aware of the pressure that we've been investing to attain goals. We're ready to break down some concrete barriers, and let those who are close to us, experience what's really going on inside our heart and in our mind. Sexual games are likely. Intimacy comes with a price, and someone will be expected to sacrifice their soul for this information. Power trips come forward. The intensity of the night, brings a whole new light to a situation. Dismiss minor quirks, but pay attention to the bigger issue.

Mercury enters Taurus 5/13, and thoughts return to a strategic plan that we had once tried before, in order to reach desires. Sun squares Jupiter 06/16, and egos become harshly bruised. Someone tries to shatter our confidence. Watch out for angry words! Since December 2008, Saturn has been retrograde, placing frustrating obstacles in our path. He turns direct on 05/16. Blocks are diminished, and hurdles are no longer in our way. What we have struggled to build in our lives, is now ready to come our way - thanks to our persistence and willpower to succeed. We are capable of achieving the self-respect that we've been searching for. Note: Lack of effort and ignorance does not go unrewarded during this time. Sun squares Neptune 05/17, and our self-esteem and trust in our decisions could get side-swiped by confusion and doubt. We may feel pressured, and lash out prematurely. be sure to ask questions calmly, to get the facts straight. Sun enters Gemini 05/20, and life becomes more carefree, and our attitude lightens for the next four weeks. It's high time for social adventures and for connecting with friends. Relationships bloom. Mercury sextiles Uranus 05/21, and we become overwhelmed with ideas and solutions. Brainstorming thoughts lead to success, especially great timing for advertising promotions, creative problem-solving, and bookkeeping. New Moon in Gemini 05/24, boosts our intentions to bond with others. Potential magic is unfolding, so concentrate on who we want to attract, why we want them in our lives, and what we hope to gain by their presence. By organizing our needs, we are able to prioritize our goals, while helping the Universe to understand what we are looking for!

On 05/26-05/27, Mars sextiles Jupiter and Neptune, and our pursuit for happiness and spiritual well-being is ours. Jupiter conjuncts Neptune, and some of us may experience an awakening or one of the 'ah-ha' moments. This energy could be life changing, and change our whole perspective of life. Pay attention to unusual signs, strangers who are drawn to us, and spend some time along with thoughts. Neptune goes retrograde 05/29, and sensitivities become hidden and withdrawn. It is important to get in touch with our intuitive nature and to trust our inner vision. When we're ready to face reality, clarity will be available. Mercury turns direct 05/30, and our social dialogue begins to move in a better motion on 05/30. Last, we have Mars entering Taurus 05/31, and we begin to use our energy more wisely, instead of scattering ourselves into several directions and projects. We organize our priorities and 'zero-in' on specific desires that meet our needs. You can accomplish anything you want to - once you decide your goal! Powerful energy and triumph is waiting! 

Enjoy your month, and remember to be true to yourself!

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astro said...

Your interpretation is really deep and illuminating. I will read your astrology blog more often.

starcana said...

I appreciate your warm feedback, thank you. :o)