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November 30, 2008

Starcana TAROTSCOPE - December 2008

The *One Card Message* for December 2008 - comes from Five of Wands which suggests that everything will be active as well as over-active for the coming weeks. We will have no idea where we're coming, or where we'll be going - if we don't take the necessary time to stabilize our actions with an orderly plan. Our old attitudes and old ways will be challenged, forcing us to change, to revamp what is working for us, and to remove what isn't working anymore. Frustrations and impatience will be overwhelming during this month, possibly making us feel like we need to work 'faster and harder' to achieve our emotional or financial goals. Resentments, anger, and fear could also rise, making us defensive of our vulnerable emotions and intentions. Choose quality, over quantity at this time.
As the season changes, from Autumn to Winter, change in our life is also inevitable right now. While change can be frightening for some, it can also be quite exciting. It is important to feel adventurous with strength and courage, and simply follow the wind to take direction. It is a time to stop fighting the current, in order to relax, to exhale, and to digest the coming opportunities that are drifting our way. Tackle one project at a time, with one emotion at a time. Cross it off your list of to do, and feel the burden lift. Allow each step, each failure, each doubt, to intuitively steer you in the right direction toward success, for the growth of your own soul. Allow this spark to mold and transform your ego and confidence, into an ever-lasting light of spirit.

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