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November 30, 2008

Astrological Happenings, December 2008 Astrological Happenings for DECEMBER 2008, we find our hearts galloping and energized from last month's New Moon in Sagittarius. We'll experience passion and excitement during the next few weeks, along with speed and accidental 'wrong turns' in the direction of our goals - thanks to Uranus turning direct within the last few days. Be sure to take some deep breaths, to slow down impulsive actions at this time. Transformative Pluto left Sagittarius after 12 interesting years, and entered Capricorn on 11/26, which help to gain perspective and organization to reach our goals. It is a joyous time to celebrate our personal experiences and growth from hard lessons learned, while sharing our stories with friends and family. Use creativity and imagination to overcome any detours, to enjoy a smoother ride for 2009.

As needy Venus sits beside giving Jupiter 12/1, we find ourselves over-doing our actions now, from over-shopping, over-eating, over-drinking, over-working,and so on. Find time to calm the mind with meditation or some old-fashioned quiet time. Then in the next few days, Venus enters independent Aquarius on 12/7, and our individual desires and needs might be craving spontaneity for the next few weeks - forcing us to take totally different steps to figure out what we really want. And while it's okay be a little selfish now and then, just be sure to let loved ones know your intentions, to avoid some major misunderstandings. Bossy Sun squares Uranus on 12/10, and we will be totally focused on getting our way. Be kind to those who cross your path. Whether these steps are from deep determination or from sheer spite, expect to either be bulldozed over from oncoming individuals, or possibly yourself bulldozing those who get in the way. Slow down and plan accordingly during this pushy time, wear your seat-belts, and be sure to have car brakes inspected.

Chatty Mercury enters Capricorn, and minds are focused on wise investments for more beneficial outcomes. Practical Christmas gifts may be on the agenda at this time as well, rather than the latest gadget or fashion trend. On 12/12, agitated egotistical Mars feels entitled to be in the spotlight, and rudely clashes head-on with unconventional Uranus. This energy could have us feeling controlled or pushed into a corner - and possibly angry and defensive. Someone could also be looking to vent in a major way. Communication is more than likely, not expressed clearly - and could very well accelerate the situation. Use patience and caution on this day. Read the directions, or look both ways before crossing traffic. Ground any surplus of energy with stress-management activities like yoga, meditation, or just taking a long walk with your ipod and favorite music. Take a hat or umbrella, as weather could also be overactive and forceful. The Full Moon is a bit gentler as she rests in earthy Capricorn on 12/12. With good preparation from earlier weeks of effort (and no temper tantrums), timing could provide us with a happier experiences with closer steps to reaching projected goals, or possible success.

Emotional, promotional, or financial expectations, along with enthusiasm may feel pretty stifled on 12/15, as self-absorbed Mars confronts grumpy Saturn. Release frustrations around this time, and don't jump to conclusions - as this is a chance to exhibit patience and teamwork, and creatively putting everything in order. Challenges deliver us opportunities , to be careful of what we are wishing for. Watch out for road rage behavior at this time, or unexpected confrontations. These uncontrollable cosmic vibrations should finally begin to settle down around the Winter Solstice on 12/21, as the Sun also enters business-minded Capricorn. This free horoscope from suggests that we should be feeling good about what we have worked and accomplished so far, so that we can relax and turn our interests toward helping and giving to others. As the energy and excitement of Hanukkah and Christmas nears.. Mercury sextiles Uranus on 12/24, and releases magical energy into the air, where holiday scrooges could surprise others with a last minute gift! The Moon also enters Sagittarius, giving us permission to allow other people into our homes and hearts. Look your best, as you never know who you might meet! Everything and everyone will be expressing generously, which could surprise us all with more gifts, more friends, more family, as well as more food, more drink, and more opinions. Curb thy tongue, and let opinions go in one ear, and out the other.

2008 closes with competitive Mars in Capricorn, and the New Moon in Capricorn. Positive energy to launch the new year with realistic goals, in both personal and professional areas of our lives. A quiet, somber mood could take place on New Year's Eve, as over-worked Saturn turns retrograde. The Moon in Aquarius dares us to be different from the rest. Celebrations could be quieter, with an earlier sleep schedule, as New Year resolutions are restructured, living life more responsibly. Please be safe, and don't drink and drive - and may 2009 deliver, what you put into it! 

Happy New Year!
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