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November 04, 2008

Astrological Opinion - Obama vs McCain

In regards to some of the questions that I have personally received about your Obama versus McCain questions, along with my views, I just thought that I would gather my thoughts and write something for everyone, from the presidential race, Obama's grandmother a passing, and those who claim it was just another trick up Obama's sleeve to win votes.

I'm not studied in politics, so this is simply my own humble opinion. First, Obama doesn't need to "fake a strategy" to win. He beat Scorpion Hilary Clinton (who was my personal democratic preference). He also had already won a big chunk of influential votes.... ALL before the passing of his grand mother.

In a very GENER AL astrological explanation - Obama has tons of Leo planets to gain natural attraction and popularity - just like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez , Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Redford, Hulk Hogan , Robert Deniro, along with our past president Bill Clinton! Leo's pride themselves on leadership, honor, and strength. They also stand out and grab people's attention, whether they want to, or not. Obama's natural gift of speech and intellect comes from his clever Gemini Moon ( Mercury aka communications).

With the challenging comments and attitudes regarding Obama, with his color, race, background , experience, etc, I have this to add: As transformational Pluto slowly exits Sagittarius, and enters toward into Capricorn... a very important lesson for us all to learn, is to use our gained wisdom and knowledge to make choices, rather than using personal assumptions and harsh judgments - for our own personal convenience.

As an example, certain individuals feel that only a white person should have a chance at the presidential status, and not a Black man, nor a Muslim. Their attitude is that in order to run the country in the right direction, you must be Male.... with a religious Christian/Catholic background, with a good head for business. These qualifications are obviously out-dated, and have failed the test and our country - since Bush is a male, he's white, he's a business man, and he's a religious Christian. He supposedly met all the  conditions required, and he managed to hurt all our American citizens, American businesses, American families, along with hurting the rest of the world who depend on our country.

We, the American people, ALL have the freedom to pursue our own ideas of American dream. The real beauty of the United States, is that it is filled with a beautiful mixture of Caucasians , African- Americans, Muslim- Americans, Latin - Americans, Asian - Americans. Italian- Ameri cans, German- Americans, Indian- Americans, Mexican- Americans, and etc. Together, we are all One. Each of make America what it is.

So if an American (he OR she) is black, white, yellow, red) has worked responsibly to obtain the necessary years of education, along with the years of experience, and sacrifices to reach their goals - the rewards are there for the taking, despite color, race, age, etc. Obama grew up black , in a white world. He was also raised by a single mom. He knows what hardships are about, and what life is like for those who are less fortunate. I personally admire his hard work and effort to graduate at the top of his class in Harvard. My friend just informed me (since I am not trained in politics) that he also was the first ever African-American, to be voted to be president at Harvard. Whether Caucasian, African-American, Indonesian, Muslim... who cares! THAT kind of achievement and drive deserves supreme credit and a grand applause! 
But again, with Pluto lessons in the philosopher Sagittarius, as well as Spiritual Pisces in Logical Aquarius - we are to look past a person's shell (their skin and attached misfortunes) - and instead, look into their heart and their intention.

So today, we have big frustrations happening in the Universe, which of course, is interesting on an important day like today! A MAJOR 'Tug-of-War' is going on between Saturn ( Mr. Traditional) who opposes Uranus (Mr. Change). This will have many asking... Should we continue with old-fashioned and out-of date paper and pencil (because it's safe), or should we dare to stray into the unknown, toward change with the future of technology (because change represents growth)?  Same difference with the presidential race - Republican or Democratic? Black or White? Old or New? 

As an optimistic Sagittarius (yes, we always see the glass half full), I am personally leaning towards change for the future myself... with a Democratic win. But as we all know, in any game - long- lasting strength and stamina is a must! So I believe it will be a unique day, and interestingly close between the two parties. It's hard to actually say which way it will end up though, because despite his age, McCain is quite capable of determination and grit! I have a very high respect for the honorable John McCain and what he stands for, but again, I believe change is inevitable. But Uranus is wild and freaky at times, and he's use to surprising us when we least expect it, so I'd say it won't be over until the fat lady sings!!!

So with this, I say - May the "BEST Man for the Job" win...  because our children will depend on him, America will depend on him, as will the rest of the world. 

It's gonna be an interesting night... time to make the coffee.

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