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January 01, 2008

Tarot Reading 2008

Happy New Year!

After coming home last night from a New Year party.... I sat down at my desk, and asked myself a question... "How will 2008 treat me?". I ask, because I FEEL a change within, as well as a shift around me. I grabbed my favorite tarot deck (feature on my website) 
the Robin Wood Tarot found here to do a reading for myself with a 'one year' tarot card spread.

The first tarot card 'The Sun' immediately appeared! Obviously it has already started to become a bright sunny day in my life. I know it, 'cause I feel it. The Sun is brilliant and cheery that suggests happiness and positive rewards are nearby. It represents the transformation of the self, from night to day, from dark to light, and from negative to positive. Confusion becomes clarity, toxic becomes healing, sadness becomes happiness. Effort is rewarded with new energy, new people, new adventures, and a new attitude. Definitely GOOD energy.

To confirm what I know, and what I have been feeling... astrologically-speaking, Pluto (the planet of darkness) has been sitting in my zodiac sign Sagittarius (the planet of light) since 1995, for about 12 years now (yes, you have heard me gripe about this before). I have been spiritually enlightened a few times within the past months. I have awaken from the ashes, and risen from Pluto's force. whew!! Definitely GOOD energy. I have finally got a "thumbs up" from Lord Pluto that I am A-ok, and good to go on my way.

May ALL be blessed with a happy, peaceful, loving, and prosperous 2008.
Blessed Be.

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