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December 30, 2007

One Free Question - Relationship Advice


Dear Starcana - Will katrhyn and I reunite our love and be together again? 

Hi Glen - To look into your relationship question, the Queen of cups, the Page of cups, and 2 of wands (reversed) were drawn. I would tend to lean with a "probably not" kind of answer. I believe that although you were trying to express yourself "the best that you could" to Katrhyn, I might think that there were a number of complications with either what you were trying to say, how you were saying it, or possibly how much that you *weren't* saying to her. I believe that she really wasn't interested in listening anymore.

I checked on a few of your personal planets, and found that you have a watery Scorpio moon, which will prevent you from being totally upfront emotionally in your relationships - in fear of revealing TOO much. Interesting enough - Katrhyn's Venus is also in Scorpio, which will bring that wonderful attraction and chemistry, but her Scorpio Venus also gives her just as much of a desire to control the relationship - as you do. You have not presented her with enough proof that she can have that with you, so her fiery Sagittarius Moon will question your honesty and your motives. Her Sagittarius Moon needs you to trust her with no restrictions, and although your Pisces sun might be comfortable at the beginning with that, it would become much harder for you to deal with as your emotional clutches become tighter than her freedom-loving Moon cares to deal with.

Hopefully, understanding some of this information may be of help, so that you can try to be more honest with her (if the opportunity of reuniting comes to you) - or helps you with your future relationships. Too, the opportunity can most certainly present itself to you within the next few weeks as well Glen, especially with Mars retrograde in Cancer right now, and moving into Gemini on December 31 for a short while. Its strong influence can possibly have you reconnecting in the near future, or at least bumping into each other again - in order to have a second chance at fixing the problem, or learning about yourelf for your next future love.



Happy 2008!

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