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January 14, 2008

Telemarketers, Annoying Phone Calls, Pestering People

Whether it's my personal home number, or my 800 business numbers - there are always an annoying string of bad behavior with tele-marketers. They call my number(s), sit there, and hang up. They call, and a recording comes on. They call and say that they didn't know that what they were doing was considered telemarketing. Uh-huhhhhh......

As a stay-at-home mom, I have been working at home since 1994 as a freelance graphic artist, and later started my starcana website, working as an intuitive phone consultant and spiritual advisor. So between my home line and my 800#'s I have had a lot of unwanted phone calls come in - interrupting time with either my family or business-related calls, as well as waking one of us up - either me early in the morning, or my husband in the evening.

One can either get upset, or one can get smarter and avoid these disturbances - the best they know how. Yes, I would get angry, as that is what comes natural to us strong Fire influenced elements. Then later, I began to "go with the flow" and just have fun with the annoyances, conversing back - in abnormal ways. Sometimes I would just act interested in the product, and question them enough that they eventually did not feel as confidant in their product as they did at the beginning of the call. Sometimes I would ask for more information and just set the phone down and continue preparing dinner. Sometimes I would just speak a little Spanish to them, and they would immediately hang up on me.

I know. I know. Don't send me hate mail. I know it's not nice of me. I should set a better example. Obviously I am only human, and not perfect. What would a spiritual person do? Yes, I DO understand that people have to work, and that this is their job. But seriously, I don't think that homes or businesses would appreciate that I called them at 8am in the morning or 9:30 in the evening - introducing myself and asking for the lady of the house to purchase a reading from me. "Hi This is Starcana! And how ARE you this morning Mrs. Bush? Well, have you ever experienced a one-on-one reading?? No?? Well, have I got a surprise for you! And ALL this can be yours for the low cost of.... Hello? Hello? Are you there? Mrs Bush?" I am sure you get the picture.

Anyhooooo..... the regulations had recently updated again with the National Do Not Call list, and you can go to the government website and register your home numbers, business numbers, fax numbers, as well as cell phone numbers. For extra information, you can check out the government website which will give you information about how to make complaints for those who abuse your number.

For the heck of it - I pulled a tarot card for this post, like... what do I hope to inspire for the person who reads this - and (coincidentally?) the beautiful Temperance card appeared. Truly what I would call a PERFECT message, because not only does it represents the zodiac sign Sagittarius, but it expresses moderation, along with the creative ability to make the best of a situation. Seeing the bad and the good - and using your imagination to see what magic can be produced. If at first, you don't succeed.. try... try... again. But if trying again still doesn't work.. hang it up and walk away.

Enjoy the Aries Moon! Too-too-toodle-loo

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