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December 12, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: December 13 - December 19

Imagination with motion can be very powerful with the Pisces Moon on Monday December 13. Allow yourself to sow seeds, mingle, charm, and make a wish! It's favorable energy for artistic folks, musicians, and creative writers, Design your day, and don't be afraid to go the distance! Stormy clouds begin to rumble in the evening as Mercury rx (communications) conjuncts dark Pluto (transformation) and active Mars (energy). We're taking a few steps backwards with Mercury in retrograde, as we review our recent path. As we head into our past, we can expect to come face to face with an old situation or individual from our past. Mercury retrograde enables us to re-think and re-communicate to re-correct the past. We feel mighty compassionate and forgiving with Pisces Moon. Mars is pushing movement into fast-forward, while Pluto is moving and shifting energy on a deeper level. Keep your mouth shut, and your eyes and ears wide open now. There is much to be heard that you can benefit from, despite the hot-headed Mars conjunct terminating Pluto. If we play our cards right, we can actually move mountains... but it will require a lot of self-control. Avoid confrontations, as these two planets can go head to head, allowing no none to back down. Use caution with heavy machinery and driving today, as accidents and fender benders may be waiting with careless drivers. Check out December 2010 Starcana Tarotscope to gain additional insight into the rest of this month.

METEOR SHOWER: The Geminid meteor shower peaks this year on Dec. 13th and 14th. Forecasters say meteor rates could exceed 100 per hour for observers under dark rural skies. For best results, start your meteor watch on Monday night, Dec. 13th, around midnight. Keep an eye out for Geminids until sunrise on Tuesday, Dec. 14th. There's no special trick to seeing the Geminids. Bundle up for maximum warmth, go outside, lie down and look up. Geminids can appear in any part of the sky, but all their tails will point back to the radiant in the constellation Gemini. Check for updates, images and a sky map.

Moon leaves the relaxed waters of Pisces early on Tuesday December 14 to enter fearless Aries. Emotionally we're highly reactive and quick as a firecracker. We're excited, speedy, and ready to take control - which is favorable for starting new projects, projecting leadership, heroic adventures, as well as investing ourselves into personal duties and work situations. With a few challenging squares throughout the day with Mercury retrograde (communications), Pluto (regeneration), and Mars (energy), we could feel emotionally stressed or limited, conducting ourselves in a way that we appear impatient, self-absorbed, and disagreeable. Rather than trying to control outside influences, we're advised to control ourselves instead. Be seen as a true leader who can listen and get the facts first, without jumping the gun and rebeling. With a calm composure and the right approach, the day could get you the attention that you are seeking. Do you like my creative writings? Receive my articles in your email, get a free subscription here.

We're busy saving the day on Wednesday December 15 as the Moon continues to transit heroic Aries. In the morning he stumbles against Saturn who wants us to play by the rules, which could be exactly what we needed to ground all the energy that we are experiencing. Make it happen, and face your fears.

Moon enters determined Taurus on Thursday December 16, and we're emotionally grounded and we feel in much better control. We're more reserved as concentrate on our home, family, finances, and business. A Sun/Jupiter square offers an opportunity to get the recognition that we are seeking, but we may end up overextending ourselves. This transit can increase arrogance, boasting, and competitiveness. Be wise with our performance, and try to have a little humility and humbleness in your life.

"Grace isn't a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It's a way to live."

The Taurus Moon continues to work the fields on Friday December 17. There's no doubt about how much we can accomplish today. Make sure that plan your evening to be just as successful! My homegirl Theresa Reed, a.k.a. The Tarot Lady has created a remarkable list for her absolute 'Best of Tarot 2010', check it out here!

Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius on Saturday December 18. We re-enter our past, where we can see old issues and/or people from our history creep back into our lives, leaving us with the ability to retrace our steps and hopefully get it right this time. This transit will enhance the clumsy 'foot-in-the-mouth' behavior that Sagittarius is popular for... but then he can be learned, seeking the higher path. Know and understand when to voice yourself, and when to 'just keep your mouth shut'. Whatever approach we decide on will create our path to learn a karmic lesson. Do you want more details on the retrograde? Check out my astrological pal AstroGrrl! Moon will be shifting into Gemini, and we're feeling free to whatever our little heart desires. We've managed to detach emotionally, and we're ready to enjoy life, family, and friends. Socializing is our middle name right now, enjoy the rest of the year! You can expect the unusual, the freaky, and the electrifying with a Sun/Uranus square. Surprising attractions with unique and odd behavior can fall upon us. (Actually, it sounds like a fun night to go out and mingle!)

We're still in a chatty mood as Gemini Moon keeps us busy interacting with others on Sunday December 19. As Sun conjuncts Mercury, we're rethinking about who were are, and where we're going in life. Everything may seem pretty clear, but at the same time, just be sure to have your facts in order since Mercury retrograde has a bad reputation for playing tricks on our mind. Read the fine print!

Make it a great week!

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