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July 25, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope, July 26-July 31

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Our day starts out a bit fuzzy on Monday July 26, with a Mercury/Neptune opposition. Despite preparation and facts, something will still feel like it's missing, which will add confusion into our day. Don't lose 'your touch' with yourself, just add a sprinkle of imagination into your agenda to see you through. Soon enough, a Sun/Jupiter trine comes along to brighten the day to add cheer, popularity, and opportunity. We may only want to see possibilities from our own perspective as the fixed energies of the Aquarian moon defy everything else, but it benefits us greatly to be aware of the potentials of new doors opening in the future.

We have another Saturn/Uranus opposition that is here to give us our last kick in the pants (if we still need it). Saturn represents tradition, old patterns and same old behaviors... while Uranus symbolizes futuristic changes and the revolutionary times of technology and evolution. Something that has been worn-out is bound to change, and basically because it has grown as much as it possibly can. It's like trying to squeeze water from a dry sponge, and eventually you need to look for another resource. We need to use the same thought as to where change is needed in our current living. It's a fact that we can see major shifts happening in current world events, as well as in recent outbursts from nature, earth, and man. Electrical currents are vibrating into the earth, and we shall have fire being stirred in the mountain. (i'm not sure why this is coming to me, but I am keeping it in.) As we are all connected as one in this Universe, we will also experience great eruptions in our individual worlds. I'm not saying eruption in a negative form, but more in the terms of evolution and necessary growth happening in sporadic outbursts in our professional lives, our personal relationships, and in our own personal development. We can run, but we can't hide from the naturual advancement that life and the living delivers to us.

“The goal of evolution is self - conquest”. ~Elbert Hubbard

So if we're still in that mental mode of thinking that we may still be able to get 'one last drop' of water despite the tough wringing on that tattered, ripped-up sponge, our luck has run out. So depending on what issues you have going on in your life right now, this is the calling that you need ~ especially if you couldn't get up the nerve to change (Uranus) your old ways (Saturn) and throw away (Pluto) the few decayed shreds of sponge. Oh what a drama queen I can be LOL. My point in sharing the story in the way that I do, is to make it easy to understand, as well as to relate and learn from it. Not everyone will experience the changes, as it depends on our chart, as well as on choices that we have made in life. I've had my own share of 'chaos' a while back with my tough Leo adolescent as I was busy helping him to become a healthy and responsible individual who can survive the world, despite his teenager resistance. Things are calm now, as faced issues and negotiated a fair and mature plan for BOTH of us. But if resistance is still lingering around your situation, you could very well see the fireworks begin to spark.

But for the last few years, Saturn has been transiting Virgo (our work and service for others) and teaching us moral responsibility through self-analyzation and heavy hardships. Saturn has no patience for complainers who find it easier to make excuses and blame others, rather than looking at our own flawed thoughts and behaviors. His heavy fist has caused much pressure in order to help us prioritize as to what we are truly searching for in our lives, and while Uranus was transiting in Pisces, our options would have given us a choice as which direction that we should swim in, as Pisces is the symbol of two fish, with one moving forward, and the other backward.

“Evolution is not a force but a process. Not a cause but a law." ~John Morley

The fish that swims forward relies totally on their own efforts if they want to survive life in the big ocean. The fish in backwards motion is fearful of the hard work that is needed to face the rough seas ahead and relies on excuses, as well as imagination that everything will just work out fine, all on it's own. Like the symbol of Yin/Yang, the Pisces image creates the same movement, meaning we all have a choice as to what direction we want to flow in life. And as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, we end a long cycle that determines that direction - which allows us to start new. So now we have Uranus, who is here to make it happen, whether we want to accept it or not, it doesn't matter anymore. Uranus is in Aries now, who is God of War. We have the option to create BIG changes (Jupiter is also in Aries). We can either be the admirable soldier who seeks peace for BOTH parties with negotiation and agreement to lay down our swords, or we can be the aggressive warrior who seeks peace for his own world, despite the ruin of others. We ALWAYS have a choice. Uranus is the force of nature and of the gods, and you can't prevent a storm or evolution from happening. So what's your option? Change WITH the new course. When something is 'wiped out' - you can either view it as 'devastation' or 'a clean slate' to start fresh. It's YOUR choice, and your emotions and attitude will decide on your direction.

“Most species do their own evolving, making it up as they go along, which is the way Nature intended. And this is all very natural and organic and in tune with mysterious cycles of the cosmos, which believes that there’s nothing like millions of years of really frustrating trial and error to give a species moral fiber and, in some cases, backbone.” ~Terry Pratchett

Recently Saturn entered into Libra (relationships and balance) and in this particular opposition with Uranus - if we learned our lesson through the available years of self-discovery - Saturn will reward and help us to achieve our goals. Professional partnerships and personal relationships begin to mend through equal responsibility of both parties involved. Inner peace follows, as karmic debt is paid. On the flip-side, for those who have failed to mature, or take genuine action to confront flaws and build trust, shall be rewarded for their own investment, coming up empty-handed. For a happy relationship with family, friendships, professional and romantic partners - hard work (Saturn) is expected from BOTH parties involved - so that BOTH individuals can benefit. In Libra, great action and strength is produced to create fairness. 'What's good for the goose, is good for the gander'. One way or another, we will find the inner peace that we are searching for, whether that be in a relationship with others, or in solitary but healthy relationship with yourself. Do you still need help to decide what to save and what salvage in your life? Need direction? Sometimes a little guidance from an outside source can go a long way, which is why I offer affordable and personalized readings. For more information, please visit my website.

I'm also sending out a quick HOLLA and Happy Birthday to my baby boy! He's making his way into life and the business world successfully, and he is TOTALLY rocking the world! Happy birthday kiddo, you really make your mama very proud - every single day!!

Today, Mercury enters Virgo and joins in with the rest of the rat-pack of Saturn, Mars, and Venus on Tuesday July 27. This powerful stellium is tilting our astrological charts with it's mighty weight, and as big shifts are moving our life around, we also have great potential to be flexible in the mutable energies of Virgo, while not losing our footing or ourselves in it's earthy elements. We're stemming off from our being, and extending ourselves to reach higher places, and today's Aquarian Moon is an ally who's ALL for long distance travel!

We have a variation of aspects which will be causing our moods and behaviors to fluctuate in many levels on Wednesday July 28. As Moon enters Pisces, experience yourself as 'the little fish who could' to swim forward and let warm waters wash away attachments of the day. Get in touch with your inner child and allow your imagination to create something magical to enhance your progressive journey. Like what you are reading so far? Sign up for my newsletter and have articles delivered to your email address.

A calming day as Moon gently sways in the serene waters of Pisces on Thursday July 29. Mars now leaves earth-bound Virgo and enters Libra, and our energy level slowly increases, but we still have weighty Saturn to steady our pace. Mars is our energy source, and alone he is courageous enough to fight the world alone. In Libra, Mars reacts more on an intellectual level, preferring to confront issues and talk it out. He's fighting for chivalry and honor for BOTH parties. This energy adds much more cleverness to refine Mars' firecracker reactions, which strengthens his ability to act strategically. Add Libra's airy element to Mars ball of fury, and we have instant fuel and a purpose to make life happen! This is the attentive soldier, who is not afraid to draw his sword and fight for what he believes in, and lucky for Mars, he has Saturn to fight beside him.

Luna drifts away from the sleepy feelings of Pisces on Friday July 30, to enter the brave world of Aries. We're ready to attempt foreign territories and experience new roads on our journey. With strenuous aspects throughout the day, tension could rise and have us ready to react instantly and defensively. Use energy wisely instead and get involved in a new project. A Mars/Uranus opposition is HIGHLY reactive today and could cause angry an disagreement with a major change involved. Uranus can be cold and insensitive, and Aries moon will be defensive if anyone challenges him. Sexual activity increases, along with a craving to escape from daily routines, and try something totally different. Surprises and accidents are possible. Weather could be strange, storms possible, and unexpected fires may take place. Use caution walking and using the steps. Have patience with heavy machinery, and beware of high speeds and angry drivers.

Tension and stress is in the air on Saturday July 31 with a Mars/Saturn conjunction. If we work 'hand in hand' and lower our ego, this pair can create and construct beautiful things. If respect and compassion is unavailable, these are two very dominant and controlling energies that can be cruel sitting in emotionally cold Libra, testing another's strength while jabbing at their weaknesses. With the Moon still in the fiery realms of Aries, force is a keyword, and it's probably a good idea to force ourselves to back off and avoid unnecessary drama. Utilize the power of the planets to take action and create something awesome in your world. Oh, and I am not missing Sunday, I am moving it into the August scope.

Make it a great week and shine on!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, has been practicing with the intuitive arts and illuminating shadows for over twenty years, creating awareness with spirituality, astrology, tarot, and energy for inner guidance, truth, and a better tomorrow. Professional consultations are available, and for more information, contact me by phone: 724-832-9283 or visit my website:

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