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July 04, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: July 5 - July 11

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We start this week with the pioneering spirit of Uranus on Monday July 5 as he stations and prepares for his retrograde journey. If you haven't already felt the tension and excitement that he delivers, you will, as we experience major changes on an inner level. Typically Uranus is rebellious, liberating, and disorderly in the world around him, but rather than his energy causing chaos on the outside world, we now begin to internalize them. Our personalities will be super-charged with strong electrical currents that are searching for a new thrill to disrupt society, our workplace, and our relationships. To find ourselves and where we fit in, we experiment in a big way now, by destroying our worn-out routines and search for solutions as all hell breaks loose. It's like living with the perfect storm going on inside of us. We're cruel, brutal, and ruthless, and as the storm breaks, all is calm and quiet.

We can experience much in the way of enlightenment and 'aha' moments. Uranus is known as the Awakener, and he is the one who shocks us with live electrical currents of divine intelligence and radiance. He delivers great inspiration and answers with a surprisingly good kick in the behind and a cosmic 'two by four' to the back of the head. Uranus will be retrograde for the next five months, creating turmoil so that we can see the reality of our present status, to hopefully grow. He gets us out of stagnant situations, with people and places that we have outgrown - like a relationship, friendship, project, job, and so on - so that we can find our true aspirations. We'll feel empowered and immortal, making strange choices and accepting dares for no absolutely no good reason. Just because. With Uranus transiting through Aries, this will accentuate our need to be a little more selfish, so that we can make some real impact in our world. We now will begin to recreate, reshape, refine, and reinvent ourselves ~ and with Jupiter traveling right by his side, the change will be HUGE. As a creative person and natural problem solver, I thought that my favorite quote would be totally appropriate to describe the metamorphosis:

The creative person is both more primitive & more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder & a lot saner than the average person. ~Frank Barron

The nervous and circulatory system, ankles, calves, shins, intelligence, and mental disorders are ruled by Mercury. So from now until December, we could see these areas of bodies being more sensitive, like with fluid retention, muscle spasms, restless legs, or an increased amount of energy in our brain. It's favorable to work constructively with these fast moving vibrations, and one of the ways that I always took advantage of them is playing a good game or puzzle (which is also ruled by Uranus). Otherwise, if we don't dump this overactive energy from our minds, some of us could end up feeling like a rat in a cage.

Keep a notepad handy and be ready to jot plenty of notes about your thoughts, dreams, ideas, strategies, and plans for the future. Brainstorming insights will continue to spark out of nowhere as a way to find direction. You just got to be quick to grasp these visions. In regards to earth, we may hear of much more activity occurring in the heavens in the months ahead, like increased amount of lightning, sun storms, meteors, fires, and so on. Technological toys, computers, cellphones, appliances, and large power outages can experience some unsuspected glitches.

In the Tarot, Uranus retrograde is connected to The Fool card in a reversed position, and preparing to start a brand new cycle in life. The timing does not prove to be favorable as we are encouraged to collect new inspirations and insight first. As we conjure up a new perspective, we can then decide if change is necessary on the outside. Normally when The Fool presents himself to us, he is letting us know (and sometimes just reminding us) that we are getting ready to embark on a brand new life change. While reversed, we get the next five months ahead to figure out if we should 'quit our day job for a home business', 'give up and get a divorce', and so on. We'll be doing a lot of 'hootin' n hollerin' as we hold on to the security of our present situation, but at the same time reach out for a complete change. When we reach the stage of The Fool, we have grown to a higher level, while growing out of an old situation as well. If we resist the change, it too can become frustrating as it can feel as if we are moving backwards - instead of forward. So we get a chance to make some adjustments in our inner core first, to find out if we really want to leave our stable and familiar grounds, and if we should just go for the distance. So basically, all those ideas that you have been considering, like getting a new job, getting married, relocating, starting a family, and so on, are pretty much all around the corner - if you find that you are truly ready to forfeit solid grounds for a possible life dream. Looking for a little more insight? Then you might be interested in what your personal tarot message is for July 2010. With the Moon entering earthly Taurus tonight, our emotional desires become weighted and heavy. We want to get some rest, but the activity in the heavens may disrupt that, so be sure to quiet your evening with some television or a book to gently calm the mind.

As Taurus Moon steadies herself Tuesday July 6 we feel emotionally grounded and supported. It's favorable time to concentrate on our inner circle, assess our finances and belongings, and work on expanding on what we already have. Steady movement with determination can promote much growth.

It's a quiet day in the cosmos on Wednesday July 7 which allows us to do as we please without much interference. We have a small sensitive glitch with a Moon/Venus square, but it's short-lived. Do something to please yourself to keep emotions under control.

Moon enters Gemini Thursday July 8 with emotions becoming carefree and weightless. We'll be putting our 'serious-face' on the side, with a stronger interest to be communicative and social. Some confusion may develop in the middle of our day with a Mercury/Neptune inconjunction, and later, a Venus/Neptune opposition can have us struggling to achieve what we are searching for in our relationships and finances.

Communication expert Mercury, leaves shy and passive Cancer behind, and enters confidant Leo Friday July 9. Mentally, we are in a survival mode as we walk through the jungles of life. We have no use for worry, as we face fears, in order to move forward. We're much more aware of our surroundings, and quick to react and follow our instincts. Our warmth and charm is expressed clearly, which is extremely beneficial for work and relationships. This will also compliment the Sun as it shines in Cancer, as we get control of the reins of our emotions and put them into good use. On the flip side of Mercury in Leo, some can become more self-centered, arrogant, and communicating more forcefully. This particular energy is quite favorable when we use it in aggressive advertising campaigns - but in relationships, dominance spells power and control - and this will probably not sit well with many.

There's much activity in the skies Saturday July 10 as emotions swelter and blister for the most of the day. It will be important to not take things personally to avoid unnecessary drama. Find a creative outlet for this energy, because today has a number of challenging aspects, but we also have pressure increasing with tomorrow's Solar Eclipse. Moods and behaviors in relationships can be fragile as Moon creeps into hypersensitive Cancer, meaning that someone who is overwhelmed and agitated, will be irritated with the simplest words that come their way, striking out. Show that special someone special that you care by sharing a helping hand, renting a good movie, or surprising them with some yummy ice cream. We're looking for ideas that help to make others FEEL good, and food can be quite a comfort food with Cancer. We also have Venus entering into perfectionist Virgo, and we could find some serious crunching time happening in our relationships and in our our money. In Virgo, we count every penny, but we also count how many good gestures, how many kisses and so on. We won't miss a thing. We want everything to be flawless, and the smallest defect can turn us turn-off. As the Sun in Cancer helps us to protect our feelings from others, we should also be aware that with Venus (Love) and Mars (Sex) both in Virgo (who is quite fond of seclusion) can rock the boat in many relationships for the few weeks. Plus Venus and Mars in Virgo (workaholic) can increase our urge to put more hours into the office - with no time to play. Then with tomorrow's eclipse, she will reflect and largely magnify imperfections now - so it will be important to find some necessary space and balance. We can benefit much more if we invest this energy into our own personal goals with our finances and self-improvements as this raw energy gets to the 'nitty gritty' of things that you would like to disinfect and refine in your life.

We have a powerful day Sunday July 11 with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer, which will motivate major changes in ourselves, as well as in our awareness of our surroundings. Strong lunar energy will persuade us into 'letting go', so that we can open ourselves up to new stages of development, which usually will last as long as three to six months. Letting go can either be a physical change, or it can be an emotional or mental change in perspective, allowing spiritual growth and new beginnings. Check out my most recent AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks post with my Tarot Affirmations series with the Six of Pentacles for Paybacks and Compensation. With the New Moon and Sun both in Cancer, this will greatly enhance our drive with the action-oriented cardinal energies to make things happen in our emotional and physical world. Do expect inner struggles along the way as Cancer (the Crab) has a very strong grip and doesn't let go of attachments and memories very easily. By releasing, we can harmonize the vibes between our heart and ego, blending darkness and light. Take a look at your natal birth chart at the house that is ruled by Cancer if you would like to know what areas this will be affecting in your life.

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Make it a great week and shine on!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, has been practicing with the metaphysical arts, intuitive astrology and spiritual tarot for over twenty years. To compliment this week's cosmic report, I am available for personalized consultations for your questions regarding personal development, relationship guidance, and life direction. For more information, contact: 724-832-9283 or visit:

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