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June 14, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: June 14-20

Venus enters romantic Leo Monday June 14, and she will be truly enjoying her stay in this godly mansion for the next four weeks. Venus rules relationships and money, and Leo rules heart and passion. Together, they love to wine, dine, make love, spoil each other, and simply enjoy the good life. It's what we work hard for, isn't it? Venus' job is to create beauty and desire in our life, and she's doing so in a BIG dramatic way while traveling through Leo! Don't be surprised if we find ourselves wanting to spend a little more lavishly on ourselves or on our loved ones in the coming weeks - and we're not talking cheap baby - we're talking the good stuff and the B-L-I-N-G!! We want it, we want it now, and we're willing to completely invest ourselves to get it. Hair-makeovers, back massages, skin treatments, jewelry, and glittery clothes are a must if we want to show off our new look of confidence! Romantic partnerships will be ready to dance the night away to enjoy a perfect 'happily ever after'. Business partnerships will form now, or they tighten their bond at this time. When it comes to money and finances, some of us may need to give ourselves just an allowance if we're on a tight budget. Investment can prove to be quite favorable at this time, but be sure to do your homework first. Like everything, Venus in Leo has a dark side. Our natural viciousness can be exposed, as we can become jealous, protective and territorial. When you least expect it, you're loyalty will be tested.

Our emotional approach to life becomes action-oriented as Moon enters Leo. We don't have time to wonder about our feelings, as we need to be quick and in-control. It's favorable energy to get to the heart of the matter and to indulge ourselves into a creative project. A sparkly Venus/Uranus trine allows magic to happen as opposites attract (kinda like what happened when chocolate collided into peanut better!) Don't be too quick to say no, and dare to try a new route today - as something out of the ordinary is bound to have you going 'ga-ga' and craving for more.

In the Tarot, we have The Empress (Venus) who shares, supports and comforts Strength (Leo). In return, Strength befriends The Empress and contributes his worldly goods and treasures to her. It can truly be a match made in heaven. On the flip side, when material interests are exchanged with attachment, a dark need for power and control can develop - where Strength can feel threatened, reacting out of defense.

Now of course I want you all to enjoy the fun and the moments when 'material things' may look like love... but I also want you to remember that real love is pure and simple, and it doesn't need 'things and bling' to make it work. Otherwise, someone could bite the hand that feeds it. So enjoy, indulge, and play it smart.

A day of blessings on Tuesday June 15, as golden opportunities form throughout this day, so make yourself available to it. Enthusiasm and optimism charges our batteries as Venus/Jupiter trine romances us with an abundance of temptations. Then we've got something to gain as a Mars/Pluto trine leads us directly to what we have been searching for. Whatever you call it, flirtations, sex appeal, love, intimacy, love-making, bootycall, well - the energy is there and it's yours - if you want it.

It's a bit calmer in the skies on Wednesday June 16, as a friendly Moon/Sun sextiles creates warmth in our world, we find ourselves enjoying where we are right now. Life is good.

Moon enters Virgo on Thursday June 17, where she joins Mars and Saturn, who have been busy building a strong moral structure for us to live by. Look in the house that Virgo rules in your natal chart. This area has been under some serious reconstruction since 2007 - detecting weaknesses and flaws - while rebuilding strength and discipline. Enjoy the quiet feelings or thoughts that you may experience today, knowing how much you have grown, from who you use to be.

Later, we may search for reasons that really aren't there with a confusing Venus/Pluto quincunx. This is a dark cloud that temporarily passes by, but it could be enough to test your sense of obligation. Let it run it's course while finding something constructive to occupy our mind.

Virgo Moon typically enjoys time alone to think and work, and on Friday June 18, we have calmer skies that allow us to enjoy our day by dissecting, organizing, disinfecting, and putting life, relationships, and work into order.

Fluctuating aspects throughout Saturday June 19 can feel much like an emotional roller coaster, so it's important to be aware of the bumps ahead, and to ride with them. Ultra-sensitive individuals may want to find solitude and explore their creativity to avoid reacting to an inconsistent pattern. Then we have a Sun/Saturn square which can put a damper on our self-worth, but if we embrace this vibration and put our nose to the grindstone - we will actually see how competent we really are. Today's Moon shifts into rational Libra, so we should be able to make sense of the day and find a healthy balance. Later, a magical Sun/Neptune trine allows us to see the reality and possibilities of our dreams.

A calmness in the heavens on Sunday June 20, allows us to enjoy the peaceful Libra Moon to make this a happy Father's Day.

Make it a great week!

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