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January 14, 2010

Help Earthquake Victims of Haiti. Donate.

In-regards to the horrific earthquake disaster in Haiti - We are not totally helpless, when we have compassion and good intent. Our prayers are very powerful, and we can pray for Haiti, and for the workers who are physically there to help. By making a small donation of just $10.00 (or more, if you can afford it) we can assist each and every one of them by providing the money needed to give them clean water, food, and medical supplies. In the midst of the chaos, many of us can be confused as to where we can participate in this cause... and we'll run into many internet that are accepting donations for Haiti now. Unfortunately, there are many 'no so nice' people out there, who love to prey on the innocent victims on the internet. So to avoid the confusion and the chance of being scammed... you can help the earthquake victims of Haiti by donating your precious fund with the Red Cross organization. They are a reputable organization that has been providing emergency relief since 1881. Below is a YouTube update on their latest efforts. You can make your difference in the world today by donating SAFE & SECURELY on their website:

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