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August 28, 2007

New Love Relationship Cycle

my question is tell me how carson feels towards me. Debs

Hello Debs - I drew the Queen of Pentacles in a reversed position, along with the 6 of Pentacles, and the Queen of Wands. With the energy that exists - I truly feel that if you could open a bit more and be less guarded (which may be hard work with your Mercury in Scorpio), you could actually enjoy the connection that exists between the two of you. Rather than trying to stay cool, calm, and collected, you may find that this particular friendship isn't really necessary, nor what Carson needs. You have learned an important lesson about not over-extending your personal resources, and you will definitely make better decisions.

Carson's positive energy is drawn to your energized personality, your laughter, and your playfulness. I might also add that I feel that you can expect much more to develop as you and your Scorpio sun sign begins to let your guard down with this one!

Happy Eclipse and Full Moon!

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