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July 12, 2007

Scorpio's Curiosity with Emotional Control

Dear Starcana - my question is tell me how carson feels towards me. Debs

Hi Debs - I pulled the 2 of swords from the tarot card deck that I regularly use (which of course is the beautifully illustrated (Robin Wood tarot deck) regarding your question as to Carson's feelings for you - and as I can see, there is truly a strong connection between the two of you. Carson enjoys your gift for gab, as you tend to have a lot of useless information to share with him, and this can be quite exciting as well as entertaining! He is a perceptive person who is also aware that despite your fluctuating moods, that you tend to have pretty good control of your emotions. Maybe I should actually say TOO good. You tend to flutter with your personality and the conversation is just as rapid, which can make you appear a bit scattered. But I would assume that he is just as curious as to how you feel about him, as you don't share much through your busy words or careful body movement.

I took a look at your planets Debs, and your moon is placed in Airy Gemini - which makes you a wonderful flirt and a best friend in relationships - but Gemini is not always demonstrative of deep emotions, while your Scorpio sun can be overly cautious and protective from opening up when it concerns your feelings.

There is something bright in the stars for both of you - but do not let fears hinder something that could be prosperous. Carson senses that there is something that you are uncomfortable with, which he is not exactly sure what that actually is - but without the right amount of information or communication - things could get a little rough ahead, and possibly shift in a different direction.

Hope that helps Debs!

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