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June 04, 2007

Relationship Advice and Growth

Dear Starcana - My Question: Will I hear or see Derrick again? Thanks, Carrie

Hello Carrie - I picked the 10 of swords for your question, and my personal interpretation is yes - you WILL have the opportunity to see him again.
Although this particular card is disturbing - it is the perfect suggestion as to what this whole relationship and separation has been to your personal energy. You have experienced many troubles in this relationship as both of you have been at a stand still - neither moving forward - or backwards - and giving the feeling of fear as to what was going to become of this partnership.

The time apart was necessary to collect thoughts, to reorganize personal goals and understand that some sort of change was necessary for your own personal growth, as when you both reconnect - you will be much smarter about your decisions and your power.

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