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June 04, 2007

Career Changes - Business Opportunities

Dear Starcana, My question is that I am working as a Business Development Specialist, I don't like the job so far, is this the job for me? Signed, Bird

Hello Bird - I am sorry for the frustration that you are experiencing. I managed to pull a card in relation to your business question and what appeared was the four of pentacles. It's not as simple as a yes or no question - but more about - what are your priorities? Your focus on reputation and monetary value is very high, so knowing that - I would say, yes this is the job for you - right now.

You do have a great desire to do something more - but your fear limits your path - making your feel stuck and frustrated. I might suggest that you experiment with the idea of possibly working as an independent contractor on the side (if that is possible) and consulting others on a more personal level, as this would tend to give you the feeling of self-worth and the urge to be of assistance.

Within the next two years Bird - you will be deciding to pursue new dreams and possibly a new career opportunity. Make no quick judgments right now until you feel 100% of your own personal and necessary needs.

Many blessings.


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