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July 14, 2006

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

Dear Starcana, I have a question about the astrology signs. I am a Cancer and my boyfriend is a Scorpio. I like to read those little zodiac books that tell you how compatible your signs are. Alot of the books say that me and my boyfriend are real compatible, and although in some ways we are, there is also much to be said about us not being compatible. If you could shed some light on this subject for me - I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks, Pamela

Dear Pamela, First, thanks for the letter. The one thing that I might want to mention, that this topic revolves strictly with the elements and the zodiac signs, because to be more accurate in compatibility questions, an astrological chart with the planets in the house, transits, and so forth would give us a lot more of information in regards to your specific needs.

But in general, the two signs can be very compatible - and especially in bed! These two water signs can definitely understand the intensity of sex, the depth of an intimate relationship, and they both can wade in it for what may seem forever! Being the water signs, they both are in touch with their emotions and physical needs, and will understand on how to treat the other, in the most gentle way. Love, tenderness, and loyalty are all they need. And don't forget... more good sex.

Now OUT of the bedroom for these two shell-fished bodies can be a whole different story. Cancer and Scorpio both have a very hard shell (their physical appearance) on the outside. They appear strong, invincible, and ready to take on what comes their way. But on the inside of that armored shell is their soft, gooey mush. These two signs are such delicate creatures, that they must have this hard exterior to protect their weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This will make sense when the two of you try to challenge each other in words, and each appears to be so cool, calm and collected (on the outside)... but on the inside, both will feel feel nervous or terrified.

Where the two of them would have their differences would be how they would use their ruling planet.
Cancer the Crab's ruling planet is the moon. The moon, which is your ruler, is sensitive, reflective, and quite vulnerable since it's so lit up and exposed. Cancer (like the moon) enjoys the attention for awhile, but eventually go into hiding. Like the moon, Cancer too, goes through many phases, or cycles. Rather than fighting the moods, it's easier to adapt. They are peacemakers - and usually just go along, for the ride. This is a natural cycle, despite their unpredictable highs and lows. Stronger individuals will weather the crab's transitions and personal storms, while the weak joyfully jump off the boat.
*Note: Cancers are clingy and NEED security. Those big pinchers are for holding on for dear life and for their protection.

Then there's Pluto, your boyfriend's Scorpio's ruler. Pluto is transformation, dark, and secretive. Pluto is somewhere out there in the universe... like WAY out there, hard to see, but he's there. You may not notice Pluto and Scorpio in a room, but believe me, they notice you. They like the fact that you can't see them, as this is their own little way of protecting their vulnerabilities. Pluto and Scorpio like to be hidden and tucked away, so that they can study you. Once they feel that they have learned what they needed to learn, is when they become overbearing. The strong ones will respect the power of Scorpio and his Pluto, while the weak suffocate under his need for control.
*Note: Scorpions are guarded and NEED protection. That deadly stinger is for attacking and winning - at all costs.

With the watchful eye of your boyfriend's Scorpio, your Cancer sign would be flattered at first, and then later, exhausted from the pressure and questions. Living with his Pluto, would be like living under his twisted microscope, and your anxious Moon sign needs privacy. His Pluto would have no patience for the irregularity of your emotions, nor your constant need for change. Pluto would simply view that as a weakness, abusing his power, forcing one of you to walk away.

But this of course would be the worst case situation, and most extreme issue
if the relationship lacked respect for each others unique personality. This doesn't mean that it can't work out Pamela... it just means that it could take a lot of bending, shaping, and molding.

Here are a few Scorpio and Cancer combinations to ponder....

Scorpion Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson (Crab
Scorpion Rose Anne Barr and John Goodman (Crab
Scorpion Mary Hart and Sly Stallone (Crab
Scorpion Condoleezza Rice and George Bush (Crab
Scorpion Julia Roberts and Crab Jason Patric (Crab
Scorpion Demi Moore
and Jim Belushi (Crab
Scorpion Whoopi Goldberg
and Danny Glover (Crab
Scorpion Jodie Foster
and Gary Busey (Crab
Scorpion Hillary Clinton and George Bush (Crab
Scorpion Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (Crab
Scorpion Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman (Crab

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