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July 06, 2006

Illusions to Inspiration

Hope you all had a great Fourth of July! I set some personal time aside in the morning to extend positive energy out toward our troops. And despite the news of the Korean missiles, I did have a pretty awesome holiday. There's nothing better than relaxing and having some good conversation with friends, neighbors, music, cooking over the bonfire, and cold beers. Oh yeah, and the fireworks, I love fireworks. There's something magical about sparklers and those bigger-than-life light shows. Complete darkness... with colorful sprinkles of fire pouring from the sky... like stars, meteors, and comets performing a universal performance for all of us.

And I really enjoy watching the others' expressions as well (especially the ones who just "hate" fireworks) as they tilt their heads and curious eyes, to see the colored attractions of the night. To look up and see the beautiful lights dancing in the wind, and then quickly fizzle into thin air.... It seems to bring out many memories in most of us, of being a child, as if watchingwe are watching fireworks for the first time.

The energy was just so pleasant. Whether the sun in Cancer had us feeling comfortable in our home surroundings, or the moon in Libra sweetened the contentment of the evening. But whatever it was, it had me totally careless over Mr. Mercury retrograde who was knocking at the front door. Mercury who? Nothing was gonna spoil the mood of the night.

I pulled a card to express my personal energy of the day, and the nine of pentacles reached out to me... which also represents contentment, satisfaction, and total awareness. Absolutely perfect.

May you all experience the fortune of peace.
Starcana Tarot

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