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June 13, 2006

Sagittarius Sunglasses

This weekend, I hurried and grabbed my digital camera when I saw that big, beautiful full moon coming up over the mountains. It was a fiery Full moon in Sagittarius, so we're talking HUGE! Whoo-hoo! This was just too amazing to miss!

Later.... inside, at my computer.... I was rather disappointed when I finally checked out my photos, as those "so-called terrific" lunar shots that I THOUGHT I took - just weren't as impressive as I imagined them to be.

This is a pretty typical scene to compare with the Sagittarian mind. We all have have these big dreams and goals. We imagine it. We see it. We create it. We make it into something that is bigger than life itself. Then one day, we print it out... and as in reality, our "work of art" resembles something smaller than a lightning bug.

But in the same sense... this is truly the way the expansive mind of a Sagittarian's mind works. We take something so small or even irrelevant, and see the Sun in it. That is our co-ruler Neptune, who gives us Sag's a pair of those cool rose-colored sunglasses, to dance in a world of neon and rainbows (also known as flashing disco lights). Now you know why we always got a big, goofy smile on our face!

The Gods like and protect Sagittarians - cuz we make them laugh.

Here we have the tarot which represents happy-go-lucky Jupiter clashing into dreamy Neptune (kinda like peanut butter bumping into chocolate) and then instantly coming up with a fantastic idea.

So with all of this, what's MY big bright idea?
To get a digital camera with night vision and zoom lens.

Keep on smiling!
Starcana Tarot

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