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September 11, 2009

Whats New at Starcana! Phoenix-Rising whoohoo!

Autumn is just around the corner... and I am so in touch with the season now, loving the coolness of the air, and the change in nature. I have a collection of trees that sit in a view from my office window, and since our move here about four years ago, there is just one teeny patch of pre-coloring, maybe about 15-20 leaves that turn a brilliant 'fire-engine red' that I always confuse for a male cardinal every August... but it's the same area, same coloring every year. It's almost like watching the summer become pre-mature gray in a way LOL! Fire truly breathes during this time of season, the colors revive us, and our spirits become alive! I see Autumn as beauty before death. 

I don't have much to post about this month, as I have been busy between home and family, along with ongoing work projects that are waiting to be finished and publicized. Today, September 11 will personally be a quieter day for me, and my thoughts and prayers are there with everyone who experienced the tragedy of September 11 attacks, and for the rest of us when we heard the horrific news.  

Active followers should keep my blog bookmarked. As you may have seen, my website was down for a few days with server updates and upgrades. I will do my best to keep you updated here on my blog.  :o)  

We also have 'the big one' in planetary moves today, as transformative Pluto stations today, and prepares his travel back into Capricorn for the next fifteen years. I have watched AND experienced Pluto personally as he transit my Sun sign for the past twelve roller coaster years, my third house of communications, siblings, and neighbors, along with Mercury. Anyway I just HAD to share my crazy photo that I played with on Photoshop when I started counting down the days he's leave Sagittarius alone LOL. It's a pic of me rising (like the phoenix) from the ashes, creating wings of fiery spirit. It kinda feels like I've got a new birthday, my second chance at life again. And if I sound totally crazy, you can ask any Sagittarius or strongly-aspected to Sag out there! They too, will confirm that the times have changed.  ;o)     Many Virgo's, Pisces', and Gemini's may also catch a whiff of what I am speaking of.  :o) You can read my personal thoughts to what we may expect as times and our lives change with Pluto in Capricorn if you scroll down to the next post or click HERE

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Enjoy your day! and Keep reaching for the stars!


horoscope horoscopes said...

it's wonderful, thank your for your work very precise

Starcana Insight said...

Thank you for your kind comment. :o)

Tanya said...

Brilliantly coined Suzi-"Autumn as beauty before death" and another gorgeous and creative photo of your beautiful self:)

Starcana Insight said...

Thank you Tanya for the nice words! The photo is actually pretty corny and somewhat of a joke (like I was a super hero coming out of the flames) LOL, but it's a meaningful image that I created too, and touches a big part of me and my Pluto experiences. :o) Lots of love!

benjamine said...

thank u so much, that is so precise, xoxo

Nick Wills said...

Great to read the article thank a lot Tanya for different and interesting blog you shared with us.....:)