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July 31, 2009

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Hope everyone is having a great summer! I've been doing pretty good on my side, and enjoying the summer sun and fresh air - although I am a sucker for the Autumn and snow! We've had an awesome summer in Pennsylvania so far, and I don't have much to complain about! Well, except that I WAS whining about not getting to see a rainbow for the last couple of years, and then coincidentally (or by simple law of attraction), a rainbow FINALLY appeared and was right outside my office window! Now how totally cool is THAT! I figured no one would believe me, so I raced for my camera and grabbed a shot (which is the pic you see in the corner!) Too cool!

Summer has been nice though, and my son graduated high school whoo-hoo!, and I am happy to say that he is now on his way to bigger and more exciting things! I'm damn proud of that boy!

I've been keeping pretty busy with my work, both online and offline. Luckily, I enjoy working and keeping busy! I swear if I hit the lottery, I would probably still continue my work, as I have a busy mind and like keeping busy! I absolutely love the metaphysical work that I get to do, as it has always been a part of me - from young up. As a '9' Life Number, I am the humanitarian, and helping others has always comes natural. I've really enjoyed being of service to my customers, and getting to know all of them, along with the people associated with my work like the people who host my website, advertisers, local customers, and the many cool pals that I have made through networking! Speaking of networking, you can now connect with me on Twitter and on Facebook!

And speaking of cool pals - if you have an interest in podcasts and the tarot, I'd like you to give my friend Theresa a holler for me on Blog Talk Radio, as she provides a great service to the Tarot community with her down-to-earth tarot insights! You can even call in for a free live tarot read! For more details and upcoming episodes, visit:!

But yea, thinking about all that has gone on... I am definitely enjoying the place where I am in my life now... even though it is a lot more quiet compared to my earlier rock n' roll party years LOL! My crazy Sagittarian Sun learned the hard way, of course - to leave the partying to the young!

Anyway, I hope that you all (including my new visitors) have had a chance to check out some of my cosmic interpretations for Monthly Astrological Happenings, Monthly Tarotscope Happenings, and Daily Horoscope Happenings. I have a few new projects that I would like to take on, but as you may imagine, between interpreting and writing my blogs, along with phone and email readings, and so on... I am starting to feel limited to try new things, and trying to decide which of the three 'Happening' blogs I could give up - if I happen to choose that route. If you have a suggestion, feel free to drop me an email.

And last, for some of my local folks, I will be participating at The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival again this year, which happens to be my third year at the "So Sayeth The SoothSayer" booth in the lower valley. I will be available for live, face-to-face readings using intuitive astrology and spiritual tarot. If you are interested in visiting the fair and making a personal connection with me there, be sure to drop me an email, so I can give you the various scheduled days and hours to reach me!

Lots of Love!


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