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January 08, 2007

Water Sign Goddess - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

These are my own original interpretations for the Court Cards, along with my creative descriptions of the elements and the astrology signs. And as above, so below...
I share the light AND the dark of each personality.

About the Water Goddess...

The Goddess within the watery elements is a very sensitive soul. She is a natural Healer. The Water Goddess is intuitive and vulnerable to what she feels... inside herself - and her surroundings. She feels dreams, compassion, and love. She senses joy, sadness, and all known energy. Water is the calm sea that brings us a sense of peace.. and like the sea - she is beautiful, yet fierce, and she's ever-changing. Water has a goal, and it is to feel and touch... and experience. Just looking at her - you will instantly get the idea how connected she is to life's fluid and its fullness by acknowledging her soft, fleshy skin, her full, spongy lips, and her large watery eyes. Neptune (PIsces), Pluto (Scorpio) and the Moon (Cancer) are Water Goddesses.

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Peace, Starcana

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