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July 31, 2010

Astrological Happenings, August 2010 Monthly Horoscope

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Greetings! I have finally got back to doing my monthly horoscopes that I have been promising myself to get back to! I've been overloaded between work and consultations, home and family, as well as my need to continue working on side projects. Sooner or later, I do accomplish my goals LOL. Maybe I don't have as many hands as I use to! As Saturn transits my twelfth house of karma, with Jupiter and Uranus transiting my house of work and service to others, I am doing my best to change, reorganize, and finalize the way I throw myself into my work. Quality versus quantity. Man, that's tough - especially after plunging into work as Pluto transit my Sun for over a decade. Times are changing that's for sure, and I am trying to practice what I preach. During this shift, I am also in my 5 life cycle, which has encouraged me to expand myself and my work. With this knowledge, I decided to take my 'mind and spirit' work, and add 'body' into it by practicing yoga again. It's been about ten years since I've done it, and these old bones just aren't getting any younger. I am learning the positions while studying the meaning, history, anatomy, and spiritual connection. It's ALL part of my new venture. My goal is to eventually be a cool old lady who is healthy, fit, and can still do all the right moves!

I hope that you enjoy my new monthly updates!

August starts out in a heated fury as Jupiter (expansion) squares Pluto (transformation) on Tuesday August 3, and then on Wednesday August 4, Mars (aggressive energy) opposes Jupiter (abundance) while Mars (assertion) squares Pluto (elimination). We're energizing our warrior moves as Mars transits Libra, to bring peace and balance into our relationships with others, as well as with ourselves. As Saturn (karma) also transits Libra (relationships and partnerships), we may begin to see the reaping of what we have sown. Awards are being generated for those who have invested, and for those who haven't invested. All is balancing as life is constantly moving and evolving. Mars and Saturn are both direct and in fuel gear. Pluto (release) is retrograde, and going back to see if we need to get rid of anything else that just isn't working for us anymore, especially as Jupiter (higher knowledge) is retrograde during our own pursuit for happiness. In the theme of things when you hear many of us speaking about times that are 'crumbling and breaking apart', we could be seeing a strong shift in unusual weather and earth behavior. There is a great movement happening, and will be seen physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. In most areas, we do have a choice as to what we are willing to sacrifice to create a positive outcome. But either way, change is inevitable. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Venus enters Libra Friday August 6, where she returns home for the next six weeks and feels most comfortable. Venus rules relationships and money, and we're willing to dedicate ourselves to work for what we want. Rather than waste time, we are ready to act and pursue. Venus is supportive, warm and kind, and she softens the cold steel mind of the Libra scales, so many of us will find more politeness and kindness embedded in our approach with others. Transactions with money, finances and business should be running smoother. Company sales numbers could rise. Relationships are either new and connecting, or steady relations are recreating something for the better now. Be available to communicate, negotiate, romance and flirt! All is sweet. If you enjoy my interpretations of astrological happening, sign up for this newsletter: at

On Monday August 9, we have a New Moon in Leo, which encourages us that it is time to begin a brand new emotional cycle. It is time to open ourselves to the dark moon, and to share our dreams and aspirations with her quiet silence. As we pray/or affirm the goals that we hope to reach, keep in mind that while Luna is in Leo - we should creatively revolve our wishes around romance, children, creativity, and fun adventures. Then to fulfill our half of the cosmic contract with the universe, we must go out and invest ourselves wholeheartedly to make our hopes happen. As a creative soul, I enjoy adding tools to my practice. In this sort of exercise, so I will use candles in the shades of gold and orange, which are filled with Leo's confidence and courage to face the wild jungle of life. I also create my own affirmations ahead of time, so that they are perfect and can lead to no misunderstanding. Creative visualization comes natural for me, and for this assignment, I will usually lay out a few tarot cards to enhance the vibrations. For an example, the Queen of Wands will be used to represent my Leo moon. She has a heart of gold, who is creative, brave, and honorable in her intentions and actions. The Seven of Wands would probably sit right along side of her, defending her integrity, fearlessly confronting obstacles that may lie ahead. While I have a few ideas to target as my dreams, my attention at this moment keeps returning to two individuals that I had recently met, whose intent was to mislead and cause harm to another. This sort of stuff just aggravates me. But as this energy continues to call for my observation, I am thinking of asking the universe during this lunar cycle to award these two people for what they distribute. For that, i would lay out the Justice card to represent truth, justice, and karma. Only balance is being suggested ~ nothing more and nothing less. And recently, I have heard from so many who have consulted with me that they have suffered intentional pain and harm from others (which again, is something that just burns me up) so I will most likely create an affirm that is universal. Then I take action to 'seal the deal', like writing, exposing it, and sharing with others. And what the cards actually do is add an image to our story and mind ~ but again, tools aren't really necessary when you are genuine in your heart. But this should give you a pretty good idea if you are a beginner who would like to experiment with your own New Moon practice. I'd love to know what you will do during this fiery New Moon. You are welcome to share your comment at the bottom of this month's post.

A person who performs good Karma (deeds) is always held in high esteem. ~Rig Veda

Ooh... Perseids meteor showers on the night of Thursday August 12, sets around 10 p.m. On Friday August 13 Uranus stations and is preparing to retrograde through Pisces for the rest of the year. While Uranus wants to make things happen and cause big changes and happenings - we now must remove our plans along with this energy from our external world and begin to internalize it. So what happens now, is that before we take charge and make any huge shift in our lives, we are asked to sit and think on it for awhile. We must look for our own inspirations and seek faith within ourselves, deciding on what we need to modify and alter in ourselves - to keep our dream(s) alive. Many storms will brew inside us as we search to find our true selves while detaching from all that we have learned and experienced - that made us who we are today. Follow along with my August Tarotscope for your monthly sun sign tarot message to keep you aware of your direction.

As Jupiter opposes Saturn on Monday August 16, these two might planets can create turbulence as we can experience strain from others. It's a boxing ring between happy-go-lucky Jupiter in one corner and seriously responsible Saturn in the other corner. It will be important to communicate our goals clearly to avoid tension as we approach a new Mercury retrograde.

We have Mercury stationing Friday August 20, and for the next three weeks we can see flaws, errors and misunderstandings developing in areas that are ruled by communications. Technological toys, computers, mobile phones, mechanical appliances, and conversations begin to go whacky and breakdown. If you are aware that problems are beginning to take place, take care of it immediately. Clear up confusion between you and another, back up your computer, get a check-up on you vehicle, and so on. This retrograde is a reminder as to what we need to take care of, if we are to find some inner peace ~ as Mercury rules the mind, which is where stress and tension will cause worries, fears, and doubts. if you know where it's coming from - this is the time to confront it and finally end it. This isn't the best time to sign contracts, agreements, or purchase major purchases - but if you must - be sure to read all the fine print and do your research.

Two extremely dominant and controlling planets create aggravating challenges on Saturday August 21 as Saturn squares Pluto. While Saturn can be tough, he will still play by the rules. On the other hand, Pluto is slippery and uses her manipulative schemes to get her way. Beware of power games, as it isn't looking pretty. Choose the higher path.

Sun enters Virgo on Monday August 23 and for the next four weeks we get a little taste of their perspective on life. Virgo is a perfectionist, and we are looking for better ways to improve. Our minds are busier, and if we don't have good control, we can become scattered and worried. Virgo is also a workaholic and to keep our minds busy, work can become our best friend, so we will be sure to find something to keep ourselves occupied. Our focus on summer is also decreasing now, and we're beginning to concentrate on areas of personal development. We prepare ourselves for the cooler weather for Autumn, work, school and education. It's a time to get serious and back to work (Virgo's favorite pastime). It's a time enjoy working in the kitchen with cinnamon apple pies baking in the oven, along with homemade stews and soups to smell up our home. We begin to spend more time indoors as the light of day shortens, so we work on fixing up our homes for the colder weather, while organizing our money and finances. We're working more seriously on ourselves, and we're becoming conscious of our physical health and our food intake. We may invest into a health club now, and into vitamins, exercise equipment, herbs, and so on. Many will be looking for new jobs around this time, as well as starting new jobs. Crops and ripe fruits are are ready to be harvested for 'pickin and cannin'. Promotions and raises can be delivered. After all the hard work that we are investing, we will soon be ready to reap what we have sown - so plant your seeds well..

We close August with a ripe Full Moon in Pisces on Tuesday August 24. The intentions that we inquired upon at the New Moon are at a peak, and we should be receiving information and answers regarding it's progress. Pay attention well. If you feel that you are missing the signs, use the magical Pisces energy to stir up creative questions to ask before you go to sleep, as the night can be quite productive with dreams that speak to us. Make it a month to shine!

Suzi Dronzek aka Starcana, has been practicing with the intuitive arts, astrology and spiritual tarot for over twenty years. To compliment this month's cosmic report, personalized consultations are available for questions regarding personal development, relationship guidance, life direction, and more. For more information, contact me at: 724-832-9283 or visit:

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Mystic Goth said...

I also suffered intentional pain and harm from a parent of my student who wrongfully accused me and even sued me that ruin my view of life but led me to seek spiritual enlightenment (born June 23,1966).

I usually light 9 red candles on new moon and ask my Guides/Angel for their assitance for the outcome of the my legal case.