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January 07, 2011

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I've gotten requests looking for my weekly posts, but I blogged last month that I had moved my writings onto wordpress and a new website address. Delete this old blog, as you wont receive anymore posts here, except a reminder of two of those still researching my astrology notes.

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Thanks for your understanding and for your patience during this transition! :o)

December 21, 2010

The Latest Cosmic Dirt....

While the Lunar Eclipse/Gemini Full Moon (communications, thinking, writing) has been beaming brightly over my ninth house (publishing/teaching), I've finally made some extra time to stray from what has been safe - by shifting my blog away from blogger - and moving it onto wordpress with my server and starcana website. This is something that I've been wanting to, but really didn't think I would have the time to do so with all that I have going on.. but with Mercury rx in Sagittarius, I have REthought and REviewed how to get over a REvisited hump. With Sun and Mars in ambitious Capricorn, this was my ticket to help me achieve what I set out to do.

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December 19, 2010

Astrological Happenings Horoscope: December 20 - December 26

Our week chills calmly with a nonchalant attitude from the Gemini Moon on Monday December 20. We're in the mood to mingle and network with our social circle, as this energy increases our urge to be more communicative with others. It's also favorable for contacting others by phone, letters, faxes, texts as we transmit information to and fro. Gemini's ruler is Mercury, who happens to be retrograde until the end of this month. During the retrograde when things seems to be moving in backwards motion, what we broadcast stands a good chance of being misunderstood - if we aren't being crystal clear with our words or intentions. While it's been mentioned, I am aware that many will not pay much attention, so I want to remind that while Mercury REtrograde can create a lot of funkiness, he is also giving us a 'second chance' to REview, REthink and REnegotiate to 'get things right'. We can clear up old misunderstanding now, and be REconnected with those that we thought we lost touch with. After dinner, Mercury (communications) square Uranus (freedom fighter) and we begin to experience some winds of change. Words can bite with brutal honesty as seek individuality and an extreme shift n our situation. Think before speaking as the day is highly charged with tomorrow morning's Full Moon and Luna Eclipse - magnifying all that we say an do. Our thoughts are creating our tomorrow.

Our imagination can't drive fifty-five as Mercury sextiles Neptune on Tuesday December 21, which is exceptional for exceeding our creative spirits. Alternative options to solve problems are available if we are seeking it. Favorable energy for artistic folks, musicians, writers, and those with expressive crafts. While all this imagination is taking us into never-never land, a faraway place where we can find salvation. Our emotions are flood with today's Full Moon, and in Gemini we crave to escape the drama and just move forward in life. As the Full Moon is in complete light, so are our intentions and the answers that we are seeking. This is a very special Full Moon as we have a Lunar Eclipse which is known to create crisis in our lives, to get what we are emotionally seeking - by making internal sacrifices. This ecliptic full moon could appear a bright red or blood orange hue, other details in So this is a day that we begin 'to let go' in order to fly high. In Gemini, we should be focusing on releasing areas that are in connection with our emotional intellect, mood, attitudes, and perspective - so that we can learn and develop fresh views, better ways of communicating, and breaking barriers with what we assume are limitations which mostly exist only in our minds. The energy from the eclipses are known to last between three to six months, so if you haven't already seen some shifting, most likely you will. And again, Gemini is ruled by Mercury who is in retrograde for the rest of the month. As he REtrogrades, he is appearing to be in REverse and REturning to REmember and REview past steps. Much of the ecliptic crisis and changes come from within ourselves, as we shift internally. REconnecting to what our heart needs, REjecting that which hasn't work, and RE-educating ourselves. To know where this will be affecting you more, refer to your natal chart and to the house that Gemini rules. That particular room will be the stage that shines under the limelight. For an example, the spotlight is illuminating my ninth house, which rules some areas such as: philosophy, teaching, publishing, law, long distance travel, higher education ~ which I've been looking at what have done with my life so far, and thinking about what I want to do with it, and what sacrifices I will need to make, if I want to move forward. I'm in a pretty decent place in my life, so not much of a 'crisis' other than giving up on old hopes to sail onto unfamiliar waters. Anyway, you get the idea.

Shortly after, the Moon will sink into the comforting waters of Cancer where we take the time to nurture our inner selves. We're encouraged to get in touch and take care of our sensitive side. Favorable energy is concentrating on domestic duties in the home, nurturing, caring, loving, and stirring the passions that fuel us for life. We also have the Winter Solstice today, which is known as the shortest day of the year, where we consume a large amount of darkness. I look at darkness as the female side of energy, our imagination, intuition, creativity. self-discover, self-healing - our inner abilities. Celebrate these gifts by spending some quality time with ourselves, aware that we can create our destiny by beginning with ourselves. Bring light into your evening, as we have much to honor with so much happening. Enjoy some time outside with a small fire, light the fireplace, or burn a few candles. Rather than concentrating on our losses and on yesterdays... find appreciation for what you have, and give gratitude.

We also have the Sun fading from the adventurous dreamer Sagittarius and developing itself in enterprising Capricorn later this evening. We use what we can from our weeks of fantasizing, and we begin to build on it with actual steps. We're less talkative and more about action. What we said we were going to do, we can actually create strong foundations for the next four weeks. Be excited, as Mars is also in Capricorn, who will enhance your willpower, delivering all the manpower that you need. And although Mercury retrogrades through Sagittarius, we can REthink and REcalculate our steps to make them perfect. Make your list as to what you want to accomplish, and get started immediately ~ especially as Mercury squares Jupiter tonight. We're eager to talk, share stories, and dream big. We have much on our minds, as thoughts are traveling at great speed. If you must, write it all down, journal, and sift through all your ideas tomorrow. During the next four weeks, Sun is ready to roll up his sleeves and get back to work. Concentrate on cleaning yourself up, as Sun in Capricorn worries about his reputation, so if he is to play the part - he's got to look the part. Spiff up your wardrobe, have better hygiene, revamp your resume, and so on. Put out applications to get a job, start your own company, do what it takes to establish some strong ground for security. Show people you have what it takes, and you're will to do what is needed to get the job done. Don't talk about it. Do it. Period.

Emotionally fueled with the Cancer Moon on Wednesday December 22, invest in your passion. Much can be accomplished today in regards to personal and professional duties, especially with the energy still charged from yesterday's Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. We're extremely sensitive, and could be moody. Be gentle with others, as well as with ourselves. Check out my latest post on the AstroCreeps and Tarotfreaks blog: The Twelve Tarot Days of Christmas.

Moon drags her feet from the soggy waters of Cancer on Thursday December 23 and dries off nicely as she enters steamy Leo. We're enthusiastic once again about our work and we're ready to create a masterpiece of the day. Favorable energy for showing off our leadership skills and our ability to work as a team, children, management, playfulness, creativity, personal talents, and being confident about what we bring individually to the table. Whatever we approach, we're pouring our heart into it.

It's Christmas Eve, and the Leo moon is still able to accomplish all that is expected of us on Friday December 24. Whether we have last minute shopping to do, pushing our ways through impatient shoppers, cooking and baking up a storm, wrapping presents, cleaning our homes... we can do it. Just be aware that your own need to take control, is also someone else's. The Leo Moon means well, but it's case where we have too many chief's and not enough indians. Wear cushy slippers in case you step on someone's toes and wear a smile, and be sure to spend quality time with the family and children - where you truly beam with sunshine and warmth.

Merry Christmas and Seasons greetings to you and your loved ones on Saturday December 25. Moon shifts from the dramatic stage of Leo to settle into a more serious mode in Virgo. Find the higher resources of Virgo, utilizing your listening ears and silence ~ especially as many may pick up on the lower stages of Virgo, being over-analytical, critical, and picky with the day. Make your day a little less stressful by knowing that someone is probably going to complain about a gift, the dinner, the guests, and so on. The Virgo Moon feels they have a keen eye for picking out flaws, and wants to express that -- to solve a problem. Take nothing personally today. Just enjoy the energy about what the day truly means, which is about sharing love, kindness, and creating peace - not handing out bundles of presents ~ to make up for the rest of the year. if you know someone who may be alone or elderly, extend yourself with a telephone call to let you know you were thinking of them, or take a quick drive to deliver them with a smile along with a warm christmas meal on a covered plate. It is only when we give, when we truly receive.

Kwanzaa begins, and we still have the Virgo Moon keeping us busy and evaluating all on Sunday December 26. Rather than looking for fault and expressing it, take an active investment to participate in creating a solution and fixing any problems that are seen. Mercury retrograde isn't going to sound very friendly or informative as he plays tricks on us, which will deliver misunderstandings - especially as he travels into Sagittarius where the truth will be a little too brutal. Our inner strength reigns and we have the power to move mountains as Sun (ego) conjuncts Pluto (transformation). Our darker energy excels, allowing our inner power to create magic - using our imagination, intuition, and hypnotic vision.

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