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April 04, 2010

Starcana Astrological Insight, April 5 thru 11

Last week on Friday April 2, Mercury (communications) entered constructive Taurus, and the way that we express ourselves is more slow, steady, and determined. In the next few weeks, we become less hurried and we behave in a relaxed and leisurely manner. The benefit that many of us can receive from this energy is that we'll be inclined to take a generous amount of time to think things over before rushing into anything at this time. We may be patting ourselves on the back over the next few weeks for making some solid life decisions - basically because we took the time to think it over seriously. It could still feel quite frustrating for some at this time, because energetic Mars is pressing on the gas pedal in confident Leo - but it's not about jumping the gun right now - until every aspect and obstacle has been analyzed. As our mind and speech are extremely reduced in speed, spontaneous and impatient folks could experience sluggishness and fatigue, as if dragging the heavy weight of the world on their shoulders. Best advice, work WITH the inactive and quiet energy. Taurus is ruled by Venus (relationships and money) so many of our ideas over the next few weeks will be concentrating on how to add value to what we already have. Plan well and work long and hard to see the benefits - before Mercury retrogrades on Sunday April 18.

On Tuesday April 6, Pluto stations and prepares for his five month journey in retrograde. Pluto's goal is to destroy and rid the toxins in our life, so that we may regenerate and heal. In retrograde, we may appear to be moving backwards, by backtracking into old steps and patterns. During this time, we can return and rely on old memories, reunite with individuals from our past, or relive a worn-out situation. As Pluto travels through Capricorn, this backward motion may in some way involve our career, business, public reputation, family, authoritative individuals, the more dominating parent, our home, savings, and property - to release what isn't working anymore, to resolve and correct.

Saturn who has been retrograde since January 2010 in Libra (personal and professional partnerships), now travels a little deeper into Virgo (our health, work and service to others) on April 7. Saturn has been busy finding weak points in our relationships, and as he travels deeper into the root of issues during the next three months, he will look into our individual foundations for faults and deficiencies. Saturn will question us regarding 'how much we give, or not give' (Virgo) in-regards to our deteriorating attitude and way of expression (Mercury). These internal theories will be tested by the heavy weight of Saturn. Pluto retrograde can be of great assistance to dislodge these unhealthy ways, but a deep transformation can feel impossible or painful if we are resistant to letting go - of who we have grown into.

On a different level, I have mentioned this before, as I have been been personally experiencing intuitive tremors and making notes on my personal tremor log. Whether I have been on target with what I am feeling, or maybe just totally coincidental, but this is the reason that I am logging it all, to see if there is a genuine pattern. If you have read my tremor log, I have experienced visual signs that I am interpreting as something larger that MAY be happening. I COULD be wrong, because I have a feeling - not scientific proof. But with the tremors I have felt, something is shaking he earth. With Jupiter, there is an increase of moisture that is loosening the earth. I have seen a number of repeated visions of 'rings on fire', and after days of wondering - 'what the heck is that?' I am assuming with additional messages received, that these visuals is a volcano(s). Now with Pluto and Saturn as more of the distant planets, they move at a much slower pace. During retrograde, they take their good ole time traveling backwards, into deeper unseen areas. Deeper into memories, into the subconscious, etc. My thoughts are the same with the earth. We have extreme tension increasing between Uranus (tremors), Pluto (ejection), and Saturn (foundation/earth). A very deep eruption is surfacing. I don't know where this would occur, I don't know when this would actually occur, I don't know if this is worthy enough to even speculate, without valid proof. I find it interesting that in 2010, we're in a universal three cycle in numerology 2+0+1+0=3, and three's are related to communication and expression. In the Tarot, three is related to The Empress card, who represents Mother Earth. This is a year that Mother Earth is communicating to us. So far, she has spoke loudly with the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, along with the threat of a tsunami, blizzards and flooding in the US. I imagine that she still has a lot more to say and get off her chest. Enjoy your week.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Starcana! Great post!! :) I too have been receiving visions of volcanoes; this started happening a few months back when the first earthquakes started happening. I still am feeling there will be an eruption that comes about sometime this fall, possibly September.

Suzi Dronzek, Starcana said...

Hi Aine, How are you, and thank you. :o) It's always neat to hear how others are experiencing the energy. I was weary to post my experiences on the subject - but now I am glad, with all the interesting feedback!